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Lack of female characters?

the a1ant

May 5, 2001
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Was talking with my best female friend, who's a big fan of the X-films. She said she wasnt interested in WOLVERINE much because of the lack in powerful female characters (like in the team films).

Do you think WOLVERINE may lack strong female characters? If so, do you think it'll hurt the female demograpic?
I think the girls will go because they fancy Jackman, not because they want superpowered women in there. Did girls/women go to see X-Men because of Storm and Phoenix? I doubt it.

Wolverine's story isn't about strong female characters, but they are having female characters - Silver Fox, Heather Hudson, and maybe some others too.
I think the Tomb Raider films did allright. Last time I checked that was just a woman kicking everyone's butt, and yet men still flocked to see them. (My little brother bought the stupid movie)

Should it really matter? I don't think they should change the story just to stick more women in.
This did happen a while ago correct? So I would assume women's rights were much more limited than they are today. Also, this was a black-ops/special-ops community. A STRICTLY male community, even today.
At least the soldiers are. The fact that they even added in Silver-Fox (who I love) when they wrote the original story is showing that they wanted some kind of female dynamic added to the situation.

And like X-maniac said,
they do have female characters, strong ones, Heather Hudson and Silver Fox. The difference is that they are NOT SUPPOSED to the be the focus of the film, and they aren't. I see no problem with this.
Who cares? Women are only good for eye candy in these types of movies.
I was thinking about the lack of female characters just yesterday. The X-Men films have a long list such as Storm, Jean, Rogue, etc. Where as Wolverine only has a couple, who will probably not have a lot of screen time, apart from Silverfox.
Well, I'm reversing it - the ONLY reason I'm going is for Hugh - I personally don't give a rip who else is in it LOL. And I know a lot of Hugh fans that are the same way - they would never see this movie or any of the others if he wasn't the star.
Besides, of course, Wolverine, I'm thinking this movie will definitely focus more on the male characters.
holy shizz. TOB when did u become a mod? You're a sellout! :D
I had this exact same discussion with someone the other day, especially with all the casting announcements that have come out re: guys. It seems odd to me that Fox wouldn't try and get some more females in there. I guess they may feel that the action/violence will appeal to the guys just as much as sexy women.
Logan's adult life pre-Weapon X and post-Weapon X, there weren't exactly loads of women in his life. Pretty much only Silver Fox during the period when Logan was living in the cabin; and Heather Hudson during the period that Logan is living as a wild man after the surgery.

Also, Carol Hines was in an early draft of the script that I read. She was the one who was helping him during the second act in Vegas...no telling how much has changed since then I suppose.
I'm not sure how, or if, it will affect the film. I guess I take for granted the fact that X-Men have a lot of prominent women on the team who aren't simply damsels in distress. I remember watching the X2 cast interview on TRL and this topic came up and the number of prominent superwomen actually seemed like a rather big selling point for the movie... at least it did for Janssen and the woman interviewing her.
Having a movie full of guys won't hurt the female demo.. it would hurt the male. While Wolverine is enough to draw everybody in.. the fact that there is only one female character played by an actress who isn't that well known ... or that "hot" may hurt it.
I'm sorta surprised with the way they crammed all the neglected characters in history so far that really don't make sense in a Wolvie that they haven't tried to throw Emma in for ****s and giggles.
I think it will depend how good the female characters in the movie are. Speaking as a female who loves this genre, I personally can't stand it when female characters serve as nothing more than eye-candy, which is something that happens in these movies all the time.

I realize it's the demographic, but can they at least have a brain or a hint of acting ability to go with their cleavage? :whatever:

I know women who aren't into comic book films, but do like the X-Men films because they've always had strong female characters mixed in with the guys. Hopefully that's something that will continue here to some degree, even though it's Wolverine's show (which, trust me...none of us mind that, either). :cwink:

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