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The Dark Knight Ledger's Family Supports WB

I'm really happy they said that...I was worried about how WB would change their plan. But now Ledger's family said that, I hope Wb will keep their marketing plan like it is supposed to be.
It was good of his family to do this, takes the pressure off WB a bit. They seem very understanding.
You know It just ****ing sucks that he won't be there the day everyone gets to see him in all of his glory. :[
its good to finally hear that
Good to hear. Although I bet once we start getting commercials and Ledger is in it for even just a second, I'm sure there will be people claiming that WB is just trying to capitalize off of his death. And the same when the toys come out. I feel like it will be an almost no win situation. :csad:
This is great news. I'm sure Nolan would have anyway because he and all the cast seem to realise what Heath put into this. I'm sure they want the most for his performance :up:
Great news!

This is the role Heath enjoyed the most in his career. Why should things change? Celebrate it. Don't hide it.
It was good of his family to do this, takes the pressure off WB a bit. They seem very understanding.

Same here. I hope WB agree with them & continue to do what they do like Heath wasn't gone by releasing the publicity stuff & such dealing with his work as Joker.
This definitly makes me feel better about the marketing of the film.
good to hear, i'm very glad that Heath's family gave their blessing. maybe we will see a resurgence of the viral marketing sometime soon.
Those are great news! God bless Ledger family!
But just like Mechanix1992 said: It will suck that Heath will not be present to see his magnificent performance.
Let's hope WB continue with the campaign but with the respect that Heath deserves.
Rest In Peace!!
this makes me happy. Now WB can continue the Viral Marketing.
I'm sure I read this before now but it's nice to know they support the promotion of their Heath's work
Doesn't mean much. Court of public opinion is what counts. Its unavoidable really, since anything WB does will be met with accusations of exploiting Ledger's death. But I fully expect the marketing to have changed especially in these early months which would have happened anyway regardless of what his family said.

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