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Dec 13, 2010
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I want to share with you my history with consoles and I hope you guys share your history with them

First was atari and I do not remember anything about it

my second console that remember much better than the first one was the Famicom

After that I got a Sega Genesis, also known Here as Sega Mega

Then I bought a Super Nintendo Until one day I Put the Power Converter in Electricity plug that it can not Bear and exploded in my face and Frying the system

Then Father brought me a ps1 After that I bought ps 2 and ps 3
My parents had an NES and 2600 before I was born. I started playing them in '88.

I received a Genesis for my 6th birthday.

I bought a SNES in a garage sale not long after that.

I got a PS1 for my 10th birthday.

I bought an N64 for myself for Christmas when Ocarina of Time came out.

My parents got me a Dreamcast for Christmas the following year.

I've bought every major console (except the Wii) since then.

Not sure how my future with consoles is going to play out though. There are a lot of factors in the air right now.
Growing up, I never played a whole lot of games. My parents only bought one or two games per a system, and we'd rented the others - they wanted to avoid me becoming a couch potato. I didn't really get into gaming until after college and I could afford games on my own. I still don't play a lot of video games, but I make sure to at least pick up the AAA titles.

Here's the systems I owned, and the games I played that immediately spring to mind.

Atari: Don't remember much about it, save for a few brief memories...Pong...some helicopter game...

Nintendo: Mario Bros. Duck Hunt. Beetlejuice movie-game.

Super Nintendo: Super Mario Bros. Aladdin movie-game. A couple others.

Sega Genesis: The Sonic games, obviously. Think I had a TMNT and Power Rangers game as well. Primal Rage. JURASSIC PARK. Mortal Kombat. Some game about a possum that wore armor and had a jetpack...

Nintendo 64: Golden-freaking-eye. Mario Kart. Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Playstation 1: Had a couple games for this, but Metal Gear Solid is the one I remember playing the best. Soul Reaver. More 007 tie-in games.

Playstation 2: Metal Gear Solid games, mostly.

Game Cube: Never owned it personally, but lived with someone in college who did. We played Smash Bros. every single day.

Playstation 3: Way too many great games to count.
Good topic!

Most of my gaming history is self induced. My parents bought a Sega Master System II when I was young, but they weren't big gamers so we only had Alex The Kid, which came with it anyway.

Mostly I played stuff on PC until I bought a PS2 so I could play GTA III.

I bought an Xbox some time after buying my PS2, although I don't remember why.

I bought an Xbox 360 when Oblivion came out and traded by Xbox and PS2 along with most of my games, managed to get a good price.

...and that's it! Hopefully I'll get a PS3 next year some time, I'd like to play some of the exclusives.
*Pong first, in '78 or '79, thereabouts. I was 12-13 yrs. old.

*Atari 2600 in 1981.

*Sega Genesis in 1990.

*Xbox in 1998.

*Xbox 360 (well, 2 of 'em, after the first RROD) in 2004, 2005? Whatever the debut year was. That's what I'm still playing.
1st 2 aren't consoles but that's all I used for games until SNES.

ZX Spectrum - loads of games, favourites BC Bill, Jumping Jack
Amiga - absolutely tonnes of games... Xenon 2, Speedball 2, Gods
Super Nintendo - all Street Fighter & Mario games, StarFox, not that many others
Dreamcast - MvC2!, Crazy Taxi, only had about 10 games in all before they announced that they were going to stop making it :csad:
PS1 - Was most into games at this point. Was buying a new game every 2 days as every game was breaking new ground. Final Fantasy VII & VIII were my faves but Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Tekken 2 & Wipeout 2097 will never be forgotten
PS2 - From end of PS1 to beginning of current gen (early to mid/late 20s) kind of stopped playing games except when something massive came out
wii - loved wii sports. Played that a lot. Nothing else really interested me & it has been packed away for years now
XBox 360 - Bought only for Gears of War while waiting for PS3 (probably wouldn't have if PS3 hadn't been delayed in Europe). Now my main console & gaming a major hobby again. Play every day pretty much
PS3 - Planned on being my main console but XBox Live gradually drew me in. Only play exclusives now with God of War one of my favourite games along with Uncharted

Future will be PC & the next XBox console. It was good owning everything this gen but I always end up focusing on one and may as well play the exclusives at a friend's house rather than have so many wires all over the place. Also it's really annoying when you own every system and nearly every main game and you still can't play a game online with all your mates unless you own the same game on all 4 systems.
Growing up we had a Nes, Snes, Mega Drive, PS1 and 2. Other than that I've played a lot of pc games and I recently bought a Wii to catch up on games from the Gamecube and N64 that I missed.
N64 - Super Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, DK 64

PS2 - Got it around 05 and got mainly sports games

GC - Play Super Smash Bros Melee to this day. Also, Luigi's Mansion, and this is where I first played Ocarina of Time lol.

XBox 360 - Halo 3, NBA 2k11, Fifa 12, Planning on getting Halo 4 and Assasins Creed once the paychecks start rolling in lol
SNES-I got it for Christmas when I was 6 in '91,It came with Super Mario World

Game Boy-I got it 9 months after that Christmas for my birthday

N64-I got it for Christmas in'96

PS2-Got it for my Christmas in'00

Xbox-I bought it on launch in'01

GameCube-I bought it some time in'02

Xbox 360-I bought it sometime in'06 and then traded it in Gamestop to get an Elite

PS3-I bought it sometime in '07 and then traded it in Gamestop to get the Slim

PSP Vita-Got it for my birthday this year in September
No console games before the 90s

Atari2600 in 1992, no Atari system after this one

NES in 1993, only Nintendo system owned for over a decade. TMNT3, Super Mario, and shooting games were my favorites

Got our first PC in 1996, played some games in it, including Prince of Persia 2

Sometime in July 1996, we owned our first Genesis along with Fifa 1994 (came with the console) and MK3 (bought on its own)

August 1999, first Playstation system owned, my brother bought some game discs a while before purchasing the system

July 2000, my first owned gameboy

2006, finally introduced to the Playstation 2

2008, officially became a PC gamer

2010, owned Playstation 3, shared with my siblings, it's the reason I got bigger into PC gaming, and I won't get any future consoles, will stick to PC gaming
My first game I actually played with my dad was Ultma IV: Quest of the Avatar, on PC. But they had a NES early on, and I like Soapy started to play in 88 and 89.

In 89 I got a Gameboy and played a lot of Tetris, Mario Land 2, and Metroid II.

The SNES I bought the week it came out (well I got it for a Birthday present) and played it like crazy.

In 93 I got a Game Gear.

In 95 I got a PlayStation.

In 96 I got the N64

In 99 my brother and I got the Dreamcast.

In 2000 I got the PS2

In 2001 I got the GBA, GameCube and XBOX.

In 2005 I got the X360

In 2006 I got the PS3 and Wii

And now in 2012 I'll get the WiiU (actually I will have it tomorrow)

As for PC I was mainly a PC gamer from 1990-around 2000 to 2003. Since then PC gaming has declined significantly and has become primarily MMO's, and expansions for the Sims. A few games come out once in a while, but the PC's glory years were in the 80's/90's. I still buy PC games on occasion, like Civ games, some Blizzard games. But for the most part the PC gaming world has been dying to me.

But my first PC was my parents for quite a few years. But then in 94 my moms friend made me a PC. In 96 I got a Dell, and then in 98, 2001, and 2003 I bought Alienware Computers. Since then I have gotten laptops.
1st console: Sega Megadrive
2nd:Playstation 1
4th:Playstation 2
5th:Xbox 360
6th:Playstation 3 (mainly for Blu-Rays).
I started with my parents Pong home machine.
Over the years I've had ...
Atari 2600 -- Kanagroo and Taz and River Raid were my favorites
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
NES -- Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy
Gameboy -- Tetris
SNES - Final Fantasy series,
Dreamcast -Skies of Arcadia
Playstation - Final Fantasy and other great RPGs
Xbox - Halo
Playstation 2
Xbox 360
Wii - Punch Out
Playstation 3 - Blu Ray and Online Games

I still have them all.. and they all still work.
Pre-NES: My mom says I would cry to play it when she played it with me in the room. (Lost)

NES: My mom bought it for me at Lafayette's (a defunct retailer). Came with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. My 1st game system. I was 4. (At my old house)

Game Boy: Birthday gift, the earliest birthday I can remember. Turned 5. Tetris included. (Lost...bought many more)

Sega Genesis: Christmas gift the same year as the Game Boy. It (among other gifts) was left out in the open, unwrapped and by the mirror in my grandmother's house separate from the regular gifts. "Santa's" doing. Came with Sonic the Hedgehog. (At my old house)

Super Nintendo: Early Birthday gift. Bought from Montgomery Wards. Came with Super Mario World. (Lost...thrown away, perhaps...)

Game Gear: Christmas gift the same year as SNES. Came with Sonic the Hedgehog (but NOT packed-in). (No longer have)

Game Boy Color: I asked for one, and got it. 1st system I got that did not include (or was bought with) a game (though obviously all my Game Boy games were still compatible). (Still own)

Playstation: My mom hit the lottery and bought me a PSX on impulse, along with a second controller, a memory card, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Bubsy 3D. PSX came with a demo disc of games. (Sold maaaaaaaaany years later)

Dreamcast: The one system that to this very day generated more hype for me than any other system, I saved for a year (no job, still a tween) for a Sega Dreamcast. I lived in a household with a cousin that stole from anyone, regardless of who you were to him. The month of the DC's release, I had all my money ready. My cousin stole his way into my room, found my hidden cash, and the rest is tragedy. He both denied ever taking my money, then turns around and buys himself a Dreamcast. It created a "war" in the family between my mom/aunts and his mom (another one of my aunts)...I don't know who compensated me, but two months later I got my Dreamcast with its pack-in demo disc, and bought Sonic Adventure along with it. The Dreamcast would have been my first all-by-myself game system purchase. (Broken)

Game Boy Advance: My 1st ever self-purchased game device. Bought on day 1 of release. Brought home Super Mario Advance. (Sold for its various remodels, including the SP...do not own any of them anymore)

Nintendo 64: My 1st ever self-purchased HOME system. Got very late. I didn't buy one for myself until three months before the Gamecube was released. For years, I played my cousins N64 (I lived in the same household with each cousin that each had their own N64 so I never bothered to buy one or ask for one). Despite this, I actually OWNED games for a system I would get very late; GoldenEye, Super Mario 64, and Pokemon Stadium 2 were games I had before having my own system. (Like the SNES, I dunno where it went)

Gamecube: Christmas gift the same year I bought the N64. Mom mad me think I didn't get one, waited until Christmas night to surprise me with my GC. Like the N64, I already had at least one game (Melee) before even having the system. (Sold right before the Wii came out)

Xbox: The next year, I bought myself an Xbox as a self-Christmas gift (early gift, too, since it was October). Came with Jet Set Radio Future/Sega GT combo. Bought Blinx: The Time Sweeper and a memory unit. (Sold the Xbox a year later for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen. Much happier with that decision)

Playstation 2: Mom bought it for me as a Christmas gift the same years I bought my own Xbox. The only other time I got two systems in a short time (Besides the N64-GC year, see above). (Traded away for Super Mario Galaxy)

DS: The next year. Bought for myself as a (late) Christmas gift. Brought home Super Mario 64 DS. (Still own, but broken...have a second one)

PSP: My mom...hit the lottery again. Bought me a PSP and a copy of GTA: Liberty City Stories (which I didn't want, but Mega Man Maverick Hunter X was out of stock) and WipeOut (and a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards). (Sold the PSP...and bought another one (right before the Vita came out, echoing the N64-before-GC purchase)...and sold it again...)

Wii: Late Christmas gift, due to it being impossible to find at the time. Came with Wii Sports and brought home Twilight Princess and Wii Play. (Still own, still play)

Playstation 3: Bought as soon as the 1st PS3 Slim was released. I had Ratchet & Clank: Future over a year before I even owned a PS3. (Still own, mainly used for Bluray player and Netflix...yes, I play my WII more than this...:o)

3DS: Bought the month it came out, the same month I returned home to visit family (they had no idea I was coming back in town). After my "vacation", I bought my 1st few games. (Still own, still play)

Playstation Vita: My friend Andrew gave me his Vita (plus SD card, WipeOut, and Uncharted for the Vita) a mere week after he bought it. For free. (I still own it)

Wii U: Preorder two, paid off one. Will pick up 11-18-12.
Sega Genesis
Gamecube (my favorite and probably the most underrated console ever)
Xbox 360
First new console my parents bought me was the Genesis but they also bought me my older cousins SNES. Never played them much tho. Outside of renting games on the weekend I never really put much time in with em. I owned pretty much every console after that, PS1, N64, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The ps2 is when I really got into games and that desire has only increased since.
I first found out about video games when I went to a friend of my father's where I played a Super Nintendo. Game of choice: Donkey Kong. I adored it.

I dallied with computer games, most of which were very basic snake type games. Blobs on the screen etc but not really a video game.

My first was a Nintendo 64. I spent most of my childhood repaying my parents for the loan neccessary to buy it. I adored it and still do. For a city boy forced to grow up in the country it was a slice of heaven.

I played some more advanced games on the computer. Freddie Fish, Putt Putt etc. Dallied with other systems while I tried to find my niche.

Long story short now I have an Xbox 360 (and a wii but I never play it). I love it.
My cousins had an NES that I would play the hell out of whenever I visited them. This my earliest memory of being envious of someone else lol.

My first system was the first Gameboy and a copy of Link's Awakening. Then I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas.

I didn't own very many games though. Hell, it was a big deal for my family to buy a SNES, we were pretty tight on money back then. So I lived for Blockbuster and gaming magazines.

I saved up and bought a Playstation when that came out. By then I had friends that were in to gaming so I was finally able to trade games with people and expand my gaming knowledge. I even started trading old SNES and Gameboy games so I could check out games I had missed out on.

For a reward for doing so well in High School, my Mom went out and got me a PS2. I'll never part with that system, it's kind of a treasured item now.

When I got my first job, I went out and bought a used Xbox (the old big ass one). Today I own a PS3 and a busted 360 and I'm starting to dabble in PC gaming.
Sega Genesis
Gamecube (my favorite and probably the most underrated console ever)
Xbox 360

Gamecube is my 2nd favorite Nintendo console(N64 is my #1),and I totally agree it's the most underrated console!!
Yep the cube was way underrated, most fun for the money of any console ever.

My list goes:
1 Atari- I was really young and only remember pong and a gi Joe game? Helicopters? Cobra troopers? I'm not sure.
2 Nes- with super Mario, duck hunt AND the track and field mat!
3 Sega genisis - the first madden football, altered beast, and golden axe stand out for me.
4 super nes- mortal kombat 2+3, super Mario world, street fighter 2 Turbo ce
5 N64 - golden eye, golden eye, golden eye. Also golden eye. Great game. Perfect dark was also very underrated .
( I missed the whole dreamcast thing, I got in trouble in school and was never allowed to have one. Really to this day I can't have one, think homer not letting Bart see the itchy and scratchy movie)
6- ps1- now I was in my gaming prime. resident evil 1-3 , final fantasy 7, and so many others.
7-9 Xbox, game cube, ps2 . Tons of great games. Including resident evil 4, I will argue to the death that it is the greatest game of all time.
10-12 wii, ps3, Xbox 360 . Its not as fun now that I have a job and responsibilities and a wife that impedes my gaming.
My list is;

Coleco Vision - Don't know the reason I got it, but loved the system, favorite games were Burgertime, Q*Bert and strangely enough Cabbage Patch Kids, the game was very Pitfall-esque

Nintendo - Got this for my tenth birthday. Loved the Mega Man series and of course the Nintendo games like Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Punch Out, etc... but overall just great memories of the system

Genesis - Got this for my 8th grade graduation. The EA sports games were probably my favorite, but really bought and sold games a lot during this generation.

SNES - Sold a bunch of Genesis games at Funcoland (precursor to GameStop) to get this system, the fighting games and Nintendo 1st party games were the big ones for this.

Saturn - Sold my SNES and Genesis for this, stupid move, but the system had some good games, Sega just dropped the ball on letting Sony get exclusive deals for Doom and Mortal Kombat, I think that's what really sunk the Saturn.

N64 - Sold the Saturn after seeing Mario 64 in action. Loved the 3D platformers for this system.

PS - Had a Playstation at some point, probably sold some games for it. Really just played Castlevania

Dreamcast - Got it with a tax return for the Sega 1st party games

GameCube - Got it launch day, after the N64 knew I'd always get the new Nintendo console, if for nothing else than the 1st party games.

PS2 - Got it off eBay late in it's life cycle for GTA San Andreas and the Ratchet and Clank series

XBox 360 - Another tax return system, got it while it was still pretty scarce, just came across a store that had them in stock one day. Love the system, I don't even know what games really inspired me to get it, just wanted a next gen system. Maybe the partnership with Rare, too bad nothing really came of that.

Wii - Got it on eBay when stores were still sold out purely for 1st party games. I needed to play Zelda Twilight Princess

Also had various gameboys/DS's
My first ever console was the NES when I was a kid. We spent so many hours playing those games back then on that thing. I wish I would have kept it. I have no idea where it is now.

Our second console was the Sega Genesis. This is where my love affair for Sega started. I had the main Sonic games and a ton of other stuff. I still have it too. Every now and then I get on it and play that Greatest Heavyweights game or to play Street Fighter 2 on it.

After that it was the Playstation. It had everything on it! My brother and I played Twisted Metal 1 and 2 for so many hours on it.

I personally had a Sega Saturn that I played some good gems on like Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2, Nights, and Fighters Megamix. It ended up crapping out on me though. :csad:

My brother got a N64 since I got the Saturn. All I have to say is 3 games. Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros, and the THQ wrestling games.:cwink:

I got a Sega Dreamcast shortly after that, and it still is my favorite console to this day. I remember going to Blockbuster and just blindly renting games. It didn't matter what I got because nearly every game was good or great. Then there's Shenmue. It was so beautiful. *sniff*

When the Dreamcast was discontinued I was basically forced to get a PS2. I still have it to this day. Like it's predecessor it had every game in existence.

My brother got him an XBox back when it came out. I used to play on it a lot. It introduced me to Splinter Cell and Halo. Halo is incredibly awesome.

My brother and I no longer live in the same spot, but we both have XBox 360 consoles. I've toyed around with getting a PS3, but it hasn't given me a reason to need it yet the way the 360 does. Sure I want to play Uncharted and Infamous, but Gears of War makes the RROD worth it. Holy hell is the Gears series incredibly great. Every game is better than the last, and playing is so fluid. I might play it tonight!
Atari 2600
Atari XE
Super Nintendo
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