Lets show some love for The Fifth Element

I can't speak to the Chris Tucker love here, hell he was already in 3 or 4 movies by the time this came out, all less bothersome than this one. But if you move enough away from it...I thought more of 'Tiny' Lister as the Pres.

I don't own it, and haven't seen it in a while, but it was great sci-fi fantasy.

I liked these guys the best...and their guns:woot:

IMO It's the best thing Chris Tucker has ever done.

Everytime I watch it I want to see more of this world and time. I want to know more about the people in it. You just know there is alot of other stories to be told. It's sad they never did anything more with it.:csad:

It's great to see I'm not the only one who loves this movie.:yay:

Totally agree. That world reminded me a bit of Blade Runner, only a bit more futuristic and "cleaner".

I would've love to see a sequel or a prequel.
Great film, have been in love with Milla Jovovich ever since as well!
Way before its time. A classic of our generation! :thumbs up:

Also Gary Oldman Rocks!

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