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Aug 4, 2003
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Thanks, for making us feel better about our art.:up: Language, but you'll get the point)


Notice how Domino's chest is the same in every angle.....


Cable: Dammit, lost my elbow again.........

A little commentary on his Captain Erica run.....

And we'll top it off with a classic.

Here's fun for the whole family. Catch the differences in these two pages.

Page 1


I remember the thread devoted to that Cap picture. :up:

Liefield's creativeness and artistic abilities always astonished me. Taking "Slade" and making it "Wade." If that isn't brilliant, I don't know what is.
wow. that spanish page is BAD. I never realized he was such a rip-off
Liefeild sucks ass. I dont even know how to pronounce his name. I bought some back issues of captain america like , two years ago, then when i got home and started to read it i ripped it up and put it in the trash.

It was by Liefeild.
the guuy gardner pic is exact, even the position of the fingers.

I can just hear Domino yelling "SHORYUKEN" as she gives that uppercut in the first panel. MAn, I thought it was bad enough with Liefield repeating the same stuff, but I have a lower view of him since seeing that Spanish page. Tributes my a$$.
So Liefield's a rip-off artist, as well as a horrible one when it comes to proportions? Pretty sad. He can't ever rip-off other people's art properly.
DIE! ALL OF YOU!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
um, why x?

is it me, or has he actually gotten worse?
Bleh, I just... I just... hate liefeld so much... :( :( :(
It not that he's a bad artist, it just he never took time to master the craft or polish his skills so now everything he draws looks awkward and silly:(
It's funny because in the 90's I thought he was an awesome artist and I really liked his stuff, but damn he is a major ass clown with the ripping off and Yes his art style has gotten worse.
I have never been a fan of his EVER, but seeing that spanish page just blew my mind, then seeing that Cap pic?! How does this guy have a job in comics?!
someone link to an online translator, I wanna see what our amigo is saying
That Cap pick is pretty bad but I was a big fan of his during New Mutants and early X-Force. Hell I got my letter printed in X-Force 7. I bought the first few issues of YOungblood and thought the art was good but his writing was kindergarten quality. He was lauded as a real talent in the late 80s early 90s alongside Mcfarlane, Lee, Keown and Portacio.
Liefeld's problem is this: most artist actually learn to draw through classes and books and real-life study. Liefeld learned to draw from looking at comics.

if someone actually taught him things like proportion and anatomy, different facial expressions, and backgrounds, he could actually be an amazing artist, but unfortunately, I don't think he's ever cared or had the dedication to improve himself in these areas
figured we should bring these over here



I think I want to put that Liefeld Rules pic on a t-shirt, could probably sell a few, to boot
Originally posted by Elijya
Liefeld's problem is this: most artist actually learn to draw through classes and books and real-life study. Liefeld learned to draw from looking at comics.

if someone actually taught him things like proportion and anatomy, different facial expressions, and backgrounds, he could actually be an amazing artist, but unfortunately, I don't think he's ever cared or had the dedication to improve himself in these areas
That's true. That Spanish comparison page has one pic that Liefield ripped off of an actual photograph and it is by far the best figure on there. I learned to draw mostly from comics myself, but once I started really getting into art and drawing from observation a lot of the proportion stuff just fell into place. I don't mean to brag because I don't think I'm that great an artist myself, but judging from that page with Domino and her incredible shrinking head up there, I think I have a better handle on most proportion and anatomy aspects than our Mr. Liefield.

Elijya: Good to see you are still master of the funny comic strips. That first pic is great. :D :up:
here's a (bad computer) translation of the first article

Al to see you join these two images, there is who finds a test of the ones that calls "the kidnappings of Liefeld". It is sad that there be thus, incapable people to see slightly more than drawings on role, without knowing to interpret them.

Certain it is that it there is some seemed among these two images: the disposition of the vignettes, the base in the ice (but nobody it says that George Pérez plagiarized to George Lucas, not), a group of superhéroes young, etc.

But is likewise certain that there are many significant differences. Only an assiduous reader would be able to carry out the connection among both images, but only a True Lover of the Cómics would be able to understand what occurs.

Therefore does not be a matter of a kidnapping, not. It is neither a coincidence, therefore Rob does not leave anything al chance. Speaking of homage would be too much formalism.

Is a matter of a simple joke. A joke. A wink al reader.

It given that it seems that it there is incapable people to understand it, I see me in the always ridiculous situation, to explain the joke to the ones that it they have not caught to the first one.

For it we go back until a few years TO.R. (Before Rob), that would correspond with the first half of the decade of the 80. We recall: a single collection of mutant, Secret Wars as unica great saga cross-overiana, Rob in the anonymity, and ¡The War of Editorial!

It was an epoch in which Marvel and DC dominated the market in a position oligopolística, what conducted to inevitable confrontations, that always we finished in condemnations, accusations, despotriques... in short.

In that context, Marvel removed al market a new collection that today is point of indispensable reference for the industry of the cómic, not by being the first one "spin-off" of the Patrol X, lider indisputable for sale, but by being the collection where later, Rob (¡Aleluya!) would bring himself to light al public in general. If gentlemen, yes. I am speaking of the mythical one "The New Mutants" (The New Mutant).

Immediately, the collection suffered hard criticisms on the part of the followers of DC, and they accused it of being a calco of their collection "Teen Titans". Calco. Kidnapping. Hard words without doubt. All we know it.

Nevertheless, you said attacks did not avoid that the collection to rise like the foam and it was consolidated as one of the collections spoiled of Marvel.

But everything that rises drop, and in full decadence of the collection, and when nothing seemed to be able saving it, He arrived. Rob!

The remainder is history. Apparition of Cable, elimination of soft personages, reform of the group, transformation in X-FORCE and the start of a new one Was for the cómics. Was the year 1 D.R.

Inevitably, Rob felt a great affection by the collection that the opportunity to show gave it its was worth, for which in the first pages of its first number of X-FORCE, defended al young group of superhéroes with a small joke. For it, it began the history with subtle references to one of the most significant numbers of the collection supposedly "plagiarized" : the 39 of "Teen Titans" (that now has acquired an astronomical price in the circles of collectors, thanks to Rob).

In fact, examining with detail the vignettes, we find things as the phrase "Experience is all" (the experience is it all) in clearly allusion to the difference of age among the tanned leader of X-FORCE and in callow leader of the Titans. Thus same, if we ask someone that understand the language of signs, will tell ourselves that the poses of the personages of X-FORCE in the robbery to the base is not coincidental, but read in War Tube-Path Bullet sequence-Feral-Star Broken-Cable we obtain the phrase "We till not Teen neither Titans" (we are Not adolescents neither titans). Sublime.

Thus therefore we see that to accuse this imágen of kidnapping is not to have understood anything. Not it to have grasped the subtle humor of Rob. Not know the epoch TO.R. that although lacked the presence of Rob (and because of it can seem that it lacks interest), already it had some its prophet as Al Milgrom.

It is ridiculous that they have you to explain the joke for reírte, and to do it when the others already have stopped to laugh.
Originally posted by Elijya
here's a (bad computer) translation of the first article
The sad part is that that translation is still more readable than some English-speaking posters' posts around here... :(

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