⚔️ Action-Adventure Mad Max: Furiosa Spinoff

Not quite what I was expecting but here’s a few takeaways:

- Not sure about that artistic choice to voice the villain like that but it definitely stands apart. He looks, acts and sounds bat**** crazy though.
- ATJ looks good and gives me major Lady Gaga vibes.
- That roman carriage scene riding into battle looks freaking SICK!
- A lot more CGI than in Fury Road which isn’t necessarily bad it’s just a question of how they’ll use it in the story.
- Dementus looks/costumes look pretty wild. Good stuff.
- The epicness and grandiose feel of the Mad Max world is definitely present.

The first impression was a bit strange because I probably was expecting something more in line with Fury Road but this is quite different. It has a more prestine look and feel maybe because it’s not so long after the apocalyptic event that preceded these events which would make a lot of sense.

I would like to see more but for now it will do. Anyways I can already say it started to grown on me maybe because I understand better what they’re going for.
I feel like the 45 years bit is going to stick in the craw of the “I compulsively need to point out plot holes” industrial complex, but Miller is working from a place of mythology rather than chronology.

Trailer was a beauty.
Hmm... I feel like I need to see this on a non-youtube source.

There's some good moments in the trailer but I noticed there are a lot more CG shots.
Yeah CGI and green screen unfortunately stand out a lot in this one. I hope it's better in the movie, because the cinematography is gorgeous.
The filming of Fury Road was a (now infamous) practical set miserable experience for all involved so Miller wasn't going to repeat all that to that extent, especially when he's nearing 80 now.

It has already grown on me that’s for sure. I’m definitely on board for this. It should be interesting to see how they weave in Immortan Joe and his relationship with Dementus because it looked in one shot in the trailer that Dementus fancied getting in Immortan Joe’s face.

Really interested in this dynamic. Seems to me and base on what we already know from Fury Road that Immortan is in the early process of trying to create some resemblance of a regime while Dementus is another competing warlord but more of a loose canon.

Oops... I realized I had posted this in the wrong thread:

Yeah, lots of bad CGI and green screen stuff. Even the last shot of Furiosa revealing her face looks ugly. :csad:

Otherwise, I'm hyped.
It looks very, very digital, which is a big change from the rawness of Fury Road, but that film was a once-in-a-lifetime miracle, a genuine five-star action masterpiece that felt unique and dangerous, I don't know a tougher act to follow. I'm not feeling that same hook here quite yet, but I think this is going to be fantastic nevertheless. Opening night is a must.
Yeah, I can understand the reasons behind more CGI usage this time around, but every Mad Max film is infamous for its practical stunts so this one stands out in that regard and not in a positive way. The fact that it looks so much like Fury Road makes it even more difficult to not compare the two.
Looks pretty awesome to me and despite the amount of CGI/greenscreen the overall spectacle and scope of it definitely looks and feels on par with Fury Road but maybe that's just me.

Also, I'm still excited asf to see Hemsworth villainous performance in this.
I've watched the trailer about 10 times. No 4K trailer yet. I think overall it looks pretty good, I want to see more of that city at night and the forest and other non-desert locations. There’s really only one shot that bugged me, the one where Hemsworth is being pelted by the ammo, though doing that practically would be quite painful.

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