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Jan 10, 2004
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I know there is the "What you want to see in ASM2" thread in the ASM board, but this is a little different, where someone throws out an idea of something they would like to see overall in the new film series and try to explain how it could work in the film world. Can be from gadgets, to villains, to people, to place, to whatever.

I'll start.


The Spider-Signal!

One of my favorite gadgets of Spider-Man is his spidey-signal, just because when used it can seem both cool and alarming.

The only way i can see making it way on film and working is first if Spidey gets a belt and he realizes a great way to stop the petty criminals in the alley ways or to scare them, is to shine the signal down on top of them.

For this to work though, the signal must come in handy in the third act to prove it's worth. Maybe as a distraction against the villain, or a signal from Peter to Gwen.
Great idea!

It seems very likely he'll have a belt so he can store his web cartridges, so I would like to see:

The Spider-Tracers!

Very classic gadget! I was first introduced to it by the old 90s animated series. But instead of him having a tracking device, I like the tracer setting off his spider-sense! And maybe he can make a little camera, like he gad on his belt in the comics.
Spider-Tracers is a must one day.

This one is more of a set piece, Seeing Spidey at top of the Empire STate Building. It was always the "spot" for him and MJ in the comics, just be great to visually see him at the very top after a hard fight looking down, maybe a bit ravaged, suit torn up. Taking it all in.
This is an interesting thread...i shall ponder and return

They could make the spider-signal a form of in-universe merchandise for Spidey. You know how in Ultimate Spider-man Kingpin basically starts selling Spider-man stuff? They could do it like that, and Peter uses a signal light when he confronts Kingpin about it.

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