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Dec 5, 2005
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Take a guess of who I am. Besides that, list name, alias(like Electro, mysterio, ect.)age and back story, don't forget to put if they're a villan or a hero and their powers.
Name: Web-weaver

Job: Spider-man's midget sidekick

Powers: High Intelligence. Makes Spider-man's trusty webshooters and web formula because Peter Parker is appearently TOO DUMB to make them himself.

To be continued.... :spidey:
Slaughter, toxins twin brother. Ya. Same deal, but not as buff, (More like carnage) and... reversed color scheme of toxin.
Misery.Another female symbiote.Body is white and hair is a slate color
My guy is Spider-Boy. Spider-Boy also got bit by a different kind of spider than Spider-Man. Also they never meet each other. Spider-Boy has all the same powers but he can jump up to 50 yards.

Dude. That's a real character.... :spidey:
Patricia Anne Parker
Spider-Girl a.k.a. Spideys Sister
Same powers with black and white costume.
I think this guy definitely can be a spiderman sidekick
name: Maxine
Alias: The semi-amazing spider-Cat
Powers: shoots web balls that are really fur balls and can climb on walls
with his retractable claws made out of adamantium.
looks like: he has a little cap with a nice little spider on it. he wears
oakley ski-goggles to protect his identity.
arch nemesis: the brown dogoblin.

No, it's not.

"Super Killer X, a Carnage, only more Venom. And he's yellow."
Oh boo-hoo, waaaaa! Oh no! Someone just coming up with idea's for this thread, booo! How dare they?! It's not like it's official or anything. Someone comes up with a simple idea, for the sake of this thread and they get criticised?

Interesting indeed.

So for the sake of this thread...

The Incredilous Teabagger!

Lock your door's and windows when you go to bed, because the The Incredilous Teabagger strikes at night, your foreheads are not safe! Thus waking up in the morning, a picture will be posted on your wall or mirror. Nobody is safe.

Can Spider-Man stop this foe? Only time will tell, or will be teabagged as well?
venom4life said:
Oh boo-hoo, waaaaa! Oh no! Someone just coming up with idea's for this thread, booo! How dare they?! It's not like it's official or anything. Someone comes up with a simple idea, for the sake of this thread and they get criticised?


Passion fruit!

Only, more Octopus and less Shocker.
TheRiddlerkid said:
to many Symbiotes and Spiders !!!!!
Oh well. Lets see. I was gonna save these few but....
The Image
Kaynelle Summers
Can become any super hero with aid of the belt.

And my all time fave....
Thunder Spark
Nathanial Lee Davis III
Has control over all electricity and his own magnitism.
Name: Benjamen "Benny" Hardy
Class: altenate future/reality
relation to 616 spidey: possibly offspring
powers: agility of both Spidey and BC, claws, spider-sense, bad-luck powers, class 100 strength level, wall-crawl.
attitude: hates Peter Parker (But in his reality Peter's dead so that works). he is a bit of a jerk, but usually falls on the hero side of things. doesn't bother with web shooters since he can jump like the hulk.

name: May "Mayday" Parker
class: alternate future/reality
relation to 616 spidey: possible daughter
history: well, basically Spider-Girl, but without the athleticness. this one is more her father's daughter. all spidey powers, and a boy friend.

name Peter Thomas Hardy
class: alternate reality/future
relation to 616 spidey: possible son of Felicia Hardy, no relation to Peter Parker.
origin: Peter inheirits his powers just like Mayday. though they begin dating almost from the moment they meet (causing an upset in the school since he's gorgeous and she's a geek), they don't tell each other about their secret identities or powers.

when in mask, these two hate each other. when not in mask, they are really lovey dovey.

Name=Yukina = U-Key-Na

Realm=present day Ney York

Related to spiderman by saving spiderman in the woods chasing down Kraven

Powers=Magical Bow/Arrows, super speed and agility

Weakness =Weak physical abilitys & too soft

i tried making a comic line of this hero put up a drawling of Yukina later

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
"Has control over all electricity and his own magnitism."

Look out Gwen Stacey :D

Origin, radiation or something.
A scientist who stumbled upon a potent fume, lab explosion, radiation, etc. Somehow, at the end, he gets the power to release an odur so fowl and strong that it can eventually render a room unconcience. (my spelling's really bad tonight.) He tries to rob banks with it. Doesn't know how to fight, has no strength, Spidey keeps calling him The Skunk.

Kind of like The Spot. He'd make a great villain if there were no heroes around.
I have pics of the characters I made... But my scanners not working...

Thunderspark (Update)
Ht: 6'0"
DOB: 5/18/1991 (in us day/month/year)
eyes: Blue
hair:Black/Blond (Can change colors)
Powers: Nathan has control over all sources of electricty from human heart beats to open sources. He can produce electricty from his fingertips and center it in his palms. He can "detect" people by sensing the electric pulses made by their heart beats. nathan can also run at the speed of light. (About 287 MPH I think.)

Powers: Basicly the same as her brothers (Peter Parker) With some previous fighting skill.

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