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March Fanfic Competiton


Daisy is <3
Jul 16, 2002
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Welcome all to SHH! first ever fanfic competition. There's a monthly contest for artists so it's only fair there be one for writers.

For this month I want to concentrate on a certain Hype Icon, that's right I mean Hyper aka ---> this dude :hyper:

The Origin of Hyper! Who is he, how did he get his powers, does he have a love interest? Etc.

The Rules

Entries should be no more than 5,000 words and keep it to a pg13/12A rating

PM complete stories to the user 'Fanfic Entries' and I will post the full stories in a single thread where it will have a poll for you all to vote. As I don't want the boards cluttered with half finished entries and posters complaining of others stealing their ideas

Please submit all entires by March 28th 10am EST. All entries recieved after that will be void

let' hope these become as successful as the FanArt comps :)

Looking forward to reading everyones entries
Just to add when I post the entries, I will be posting them as Entry A, Entry B etc. I do not want posters just voting for their friends without reading the other works. I feel this will eliminate any favoritism.

The Author will be revealed when the winning entry is announced
It'll be a surprise ;)
This isn't the first fan fiction competition...I hosted one ages ago and it ended horribly. :csad:
I hope this one is good because fan fiction seems like a cool idea.

Anyhow, what are Mr.Hyper's powers anyway?...or do we just make that up too?
That's all up to you :)

this is the first "Official" one ;)
I did it for you this time but be a little more careful next time. Nice work so far :)

Jon PM the FINISHED story to Fanfic Entries I don't want anyone stealing ideas or claiming their ideas were stolen.

After you pm that i will edit the above post

nm i did it for you

For EVERYONE, PLEASE read the rules I set up above and if you still have a question, put it here or pm me and i will answer it
How many people are entering this? Just the above two??
I've received some but not too many yet. there's still 3 weeks left to enter though :)
I might if I can find the time!
There is still close to two weeks for all entries, but if you'd like should I perhaps extend the deadline?
Does an extra week sound good?

NEW Deadline is April 4th 10am EST all the rules from above still apply
I would like to enter too! Some ideas have been going on in my head! hmm....
I hope this thread has been quiet because you're all hard at work working on your entries
So far 1. I need at least 2 for it to be a competition
lol Nope. I'm too busy w/ my current fics.

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