Marvel's 1988 Graphic Novel ???????

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Jun 13, 2007
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Ok I am looking to invest in this graphic novel written by Dennis Oneil and drawn by Michael Kaluta...

The Shadow: Hitler's Astrologer

It was first released in 1988... This character is one of my favorites...

What is the book about? How does it compare to other Shadow books...

In short Should I get it ??????

TELL ME ALL ! ! ! !
"Invest"? You can probably get it for $20.

I've never read any Shadow, but there's not that much material out there for him to begin with, so of course I'd say go for it.

I think TMOB has read most of the old Marvel Graphic Novels, so he might remember the story. I have alot myself, but not his one.
Get it. I've never read a Shadow story that wasn't awesome, with the exception of the weird futuristic one.
You mentioned that there's not a lot of Shadow material out there. There's actually a ton of Shadow material out there. Hence the :confused:
Yeah, but most of it's from the 1940s and not readily available. I have no idea how easy it is to get a hold of the old movies or radio programs, or if they've republished any of the old comics, and there's only a handful of comics from the past few decades. Of course there's the Alec Baldwin movie, but that's been the only spike in interest in the character in the last half century.

Dark Horse did two minis in the early 90s, DC had ongoings from 73-74, 88-87 and 89-93. That's not a bad assortment if you're a fan and willing to do some back issue hunting, but I think Moon Knight probably had more appearances over the same time period
Moon Knight's a company owned character. Of course he would have appeared more times than The Shadow.
I don't think that makes it "of course", but my point is if you're a fan of The Shadow, you have to do a lot more digging around for stories than for other characters.
Or, if you have an internet connection like the original poster does, you can do some pretty quick searching with places like eBay, Graham Crackers, Mile High Comics and the like.
You mean like I did for him because I was trying to be helpful? ;)
That's exactly what I mean. There's plenty of material, and it's widely available. :up:
I don't think they've ever reprinted any of the comics from the 40s, though
I'm sure they have in some form or another. Probably around when the movie came out.
The only Shadow trade that I have is the DC one released in 1987 by Howard Chaykin (The Shadow: Blood & Judgement)... I think it was rather controversial at the time, because Chaykin decided to change/update some things about the Shadow's origin that didn't sit well with purists.
None of the Shadow comics have been reprinted as far as I know.

The radio show is pretty easy to get because they're been several cd collections release. Not nearly all of them but several dozen at least. And there are hundreds of the radio broadcast available online for free. Such as here:

The actual Shadow pulp magazines are currently being reprinted by Nostalgia Ventures along with the original Doc Savages pulps. I've been buying all of these so far and they've got four of each out. I highly recommend buying these. If it hadn't been for the Shadow and Doc Savage, we probably wouldn't have superhero comics at all.

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