Marvel's Top Ten Villains in 2007

So, basically any villian who was a part of a storyline made the list, then?
So, basically any villian who was a part of a storyline made the list, then?

Yeah pretty well, it was a slow year for evil in 2007, besides Ultron, Mr. Fear, Hood, Red Skull and some X-villains, there wasn't a whole lot of action on the villain front. A lot of villains got turned into government slaves or human punching bags, that's not impressive.
Well, a lot of the books dealt with heroes dealing with each other with the villians being completely absent.

Also, there's no justice in the world when Mystique makes the list and the Mandarin doesn't. :o
how the **** is the hulk not number one???

Because that would negate alot of what was said about him during "WWH", and Marvel doesn't want that.
He didn't kill anyone period. Doc Strangezom endangered more people than the Hulk.

The Red Skull had a pretty easy time of killing Steve, too. It still boggles my mind how the authorities saw fit to parade Steve out in public with no protection. :o
Wasn't it implied that the Skull was behind that, too?
they missed the biggest one...Joey Q ;)
Lukin was able to set the whole thing up with his government connections and various pay offs.
Kidnapped and tested a toxic Extremis virus upon 1,000's of Oaklahomhites....Oklahomans? Motha f**ka's from Oklahoma.
For real? ****, Thor better be looking to kick some Mandarin ass soon.
I think it's Oklahoma. What state is Captain Ultra in charge of?
Right. All those Northern Mid west states sound the same to me.
They should change one of there names to something with an X. There aren't any states that start with X.
I hereby redub Nebraska "Xylophonia," on the basis that there aren't enough xylophones in the US, either.

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