Mayweather to get 20 mil to take on Big Show at Wrestlemania

damn..thats a whole lotta cash
Damn! I've been watching him on RAW but i didn't think they were paying him 20 mil.
What's Vince's business model? That $20 million would be better spent on a crappy film for John Cena.
I guess McMahon is really starving for PPV money, but 20 mil on a gimmick like this is really stupid.
I have got to call bull**** on that. $20 million??
Rumor has it Vince mcmahon and Floyd are just overhyping that number and hes not really getting anything close to that much.

Also, 50 cent will come to the ring with floyd at wrestlemania.
That's what I thought. Maybe 2 or 3 million.
Big Show makes Floyd look like a crackhead. I hate matches like this, and pretty much any match with Big Show, because he really could squash his opponents like bugs.

Puhleeze! Paul White could kill Floyd Mayweather on any given order. That match is not entertaining, that match is stupid.

Lemme guess, Floyd Mayweather will win.
The 20 million probably includes a percentage of the grosses WM24 is expected to make. So yeah, he's probably "only" making 2 million, but could potentially make way more than that depending on how well WM24 does....
ECW is the best division to watch right now in my opinion.

It is one hour long, there isn't as much talking, and the matches are good.
it's a daft idea, though i would love to see it as a shoot fight, show would bloody kill him lol
it's a daft idea, though i would love to see it as a shoot fight, show would bloody kill him lol

Considering how rigged most of this stuff is, I would have to wager Show ain't exactly the best fighter out there.
What exactly are we talking about?
Anyone see big show lift mayweather and throw him to the outside of the ring and mayweather hold his elbow and run to the back??
I did. There was almost a legit incident between Money's Posse" and Show's "Posse"

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