Mel Gibsons viking joint "BERSERKER" in not dead!


Feb 10, 2010
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From a ComingSoon interview:

CS: Now looking at what's going on with upcoming projects. What's the status on the Viking movie, which is still called "Berserker" I presume?
It's still called "Berserker" and I believe it's going forward. I've talked to actors and stuff, and there are some good names attached who want to do it.

CS: But not DiCaprio?
He's pretty busy, so no.

CS: Is it still a violent Viking movie in the original language?
Not the original language. I'd thought about that at one time but then when you consider that English comes from the middle English language, it's not a big jump. I'll do something that's understandable for a modern audience. But it won't be the English THEY'RE used to.

CS: You've got a script?
I've got a great script. And the idea's been batting around my head for years. And I couldn't find a way to make it work, because if you look at what Vikings did, they're pretty unsympathetic. And there's no point in doing Viking light. So I had to find a way to find devices and ways to make that work dramatically, intelligently and make it seem realistic so it's about real conflict in a real era in the 9th century, so that you actually see behavior and a new mode of thought seeping in. By the 11th century there weren't any of these guys left anymore.

CS: Will this be expensive?
Everything's expensive. It's like ridiculous. But I can't talk budget.

CS: Are you having discussions with investors or studios?
Both and there's some interest and they dig it, but it isn't the entire vision. You can't write the vision down. You can only have a blueprint and then go from a jumping off spot. But it was by accident that I bumped into Randall Wallace and we're collaborating on the script. We've got a fourth draft and it's great. All we've got to do is do it now.
It would have been awesome with Leo onboard.
A little disappointed it's not going to be old norse language, but Bravehart did okay with its ordinary scottish so I guess it could work

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