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Mikki Padilla = new Wonder Woman candidate?

Nightwing 52

Things change
Dec 4, 2005
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Previously, back at the comic book ranch. 'Wonder Woman'. Yes, a lot of talk recently, from the known to the unknown and back again on who’ll portray Whedon’s wench of the Amazon. So, I look up a chick I hear about in the Lobby of the Four Seasons and nod to myself. Mikki Padilla. Who? I looked her up and asked around. A few Gyms. “A hard worker” I hear from some. “She’s missed the boat” say others. “Bruce Willis asked her out?” Said someone else. A few sketchy flicks and minor appearances in some TV and a lose link to some British spy flick...Padillia as Wonder Woman? It’s the hype machine. I’ll eat a wax banana if this is true. But rumours never die for this one.....chalk her up as contender number 675.

Read the full article here.

Picture of Padilla.
Have to wonder if the are names just being thrown out there or Whedon has actually mentioned them.
All I have to say is DAYYYUM, she is really hot. Seriously though, I think she'd make a great WW contender. Thanks, Bats.
OMG she is hot.....but can she act??
Yeah she looks! "British spy flick" is it Spooks?

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