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Most savage beatings ever!!!

I'd say when Herc got his ass handed to him by the Wrecking Crew and when Zeus beat him down before realizing what he had done!
The fight where wolverine goes beserk on gray hulk and basically punches a massive hole through his stomach. That was pretty much wolvie at his most savage.

The Ultimates vs Hulk and Ultimates vs Thor were also insanely brutal, and realistic to boot.

What about when Juggs smashed a bar on a drunk, heartbroken collossus?

And Hulk pwned the crap out of Gladiator, which made me think of Gladiator as kinda a chump, to this very day. No fight has ever made me think less of a character than that one.
For some reason I was always partial of the Hulk breaking Wolverine's neck in an issue of What If?

Yeah that whole ISSUE was brutal....he kicked the crap out of everyone. When he throws a burned blob straight on top of pyro, and snaps quicksilver's neck.

Death/Wolverine vs Hulk too, where Wolverine almost beheaded hulk and had him in fear for his life...I felt a little sorry for hulk there :(
Yeah, the youngest member of the MiracleMan family was left normal, the oldest one was left with amnesia. He met up with "Kid MiracleMan" years ago. He'd remained in his powerful form for years, it had taken over. Kid Miracleman didn't kill a bunch of hero's, he just kicked the **** out of MiracleMan, I mean, bad. I just can't describe it. The way the bruises and the blood were drawn, damn. Fight ended when he accidently said his "magic" word and he was transformed back in a 12 year old human. Absolutely great comics, some of the best, ever. I've read just about everything MiracleMan related as well, got a wee bit more to go. :up:

Gotta agree that has to go down as the most graphically brutal fight I've ever seen in a comic. Don't forget the carnage they caused too, destroying much of central London along with thousands of civilians (The ruins and corpses all left to rot as a memorial on Miracleman's orders if I remember right).

And prior to the battle too, where the innocent child version of Kid-Miracleman is forced by the prospect of rape to use his trigger word to change to his older (and thoroughly evil) powered self was also gruesome to say the least.
And MiracleMan killing little Johnny at the end too.....

Jeez, that was some grim stuff by Moore.
anyone know where I could see this?:woot:
I'm pretty sure that's from JLA/Avengers. Superman knocks Thor out (in a pretty stupid fight, but that's just my opinion), and then the rest of powerhouse Avengers--Hercules, Wonder Man, etc.--dogpile on Superman and beat the crap out of him.
Someone already mentioned that. It was pretty brutal, though.

Oooh, Thor vs. the mystically invincible vikings in the Thor: Vikings mini-series. Sweet Jesus, Thor got his ass stomped in that first fight. :D
Someone already mentioned that. It was pretty brutal, though.

Oooh, Thor vs. the mystically invincible vikings in the Thor: Vikings mini-series. Sweet Jesus, Thor got his ass stomped in that first fight. :D
Oh yeah. The Glenn Fabry art helped alot with making it seem more viscious, too.



Yeah, Thor's hands made me a little queasy throughout that issue. Fabry had bones sticking out of the flesh and stuff. It was crazy. :up:
Yeah, that was almost as good as Batgirl getting her ass kicked by Robin's strategy of using no fighting technique whatsoever. :up:
That did not happen. That wasn't Batgirl. I hate you for mentioning that which did not happen.
Oh, it happened. Robin ****ed that **** up and then laughed about it after. It was hot.
That would sound more effective if you weren't saying it through tears. That's what you get for ****ting in my Thor-flavored Cheerios. :oldrazz:
Yeah, but at least Thor survived. Hey, remember when Mad Dog killed Batgirl dead?
Yep, alive and murdering people. DC's done some awesome stuff with her character lately.
the beatings all the x-fanboys gave their little buddies when the white queen walks around in her tights

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