Mp3 headphone troubles


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Mar 10, 2007
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I have gone through a bunch of headphones for my zune. And they either dont fit in my ear or they have muffly/crappy sound quality. I liked the original earbuds that came with the zune but I accidently broke them. I currently have phillips headbuds that were like 40 bucks which I dont like. (the ones that have the rubber tips.) Can anyone suggest what headphones I should get? I want earbuds NOT the big bose sized ones, with good sound quality. Is the zune premiem earbuds any good? And do they fit in your ears or do they just fall out every 10 seconds?
I mean there comfortable but most of the rubber tipped ones dont stay in my ears
Have you bought different sized rubber tips? Because from the sound of it, you have no other choice. You don't like the over the ear and the regular earbuds would probably just fall out of your ear as well.
Yeah, ive tried smaller rubber tips and they are even worse. Idk...
Just buy Bose... its i well worth your $150, greatest warranty in the world too... and they are a surround sound for your brain... I don't know how anyone would stick something in their ear to listen to music unless it was a quetip
The problem here is that you want to use earbuds. I've never been able to keep a pair of earbuds in my ears, and they never give me all the bass I want to hear. Get some real headphones.

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