has a mini site on X3

Thats cool its like a baby X-men site lol.
i like it but why does it say it comes out on the 28?
Jean Grey
Affiliations: The X-Men

Has been missing and presumed deceased following the destruction at Alkali Lake. A traumatic childhood experience from Grey’s youth is thought to have activated her latent psychic powers. Her parents sought out Professor Charles Xavier in the hopes he could teach her to control her abilities. She had since remained at the school, operating both as a teacher there and as a member of the X-Men, while using her gifts and scientific genius to better the world for both man and mutant.

Jean’s powers had never been fully assessed since they continued to develop and grow as she matured. What is known is that she was second only to Professor Xavier in terms of the power of her telepathy, but even he believed that, as Jean more fully understood how to control her powers, she could very well surpass him both in terms of skill and sheer raw power. If she could not control her powers, she could have been a danger to herself but also a threat to her mutant comrades and the human race.

Jean was romantically involved with both Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) and Logan (aka Wolverine).

Mutant Abilities:
Rare and incredibly powerful combination of both telekinetic and telepathic abilities enabling her to read minds, project thoughts, and move objects with her mind.
^ why you post that?? is there something we should see?
If you have MSN in the UK open up a conversation. then go to packs and then press the x-men 3 logo. You get a X3 pack with moving avatars, backgrounds,winks,and emoticons for free :D

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