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X3 Sneak Peek from MTV Overdrive

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Don't tease us with a link that doesn't work :p
-jumps in his seat after he hears the Phoenix scream- oh geez Phoenix. gah...


X-rated action eh? ... :D Mmmm Jean...
dammit. why doesn't mtv just provide a downloadable link for us mac users.
There's 3 exclusive clips. Monster Magneto, Skater Boy, and the Angel one. They don't stream well for me.

*opens Internet Explorer b/c MTV requires it*
The clips are old news, they've had them for a while.
i liked what Famke said about Jean Grey and Phoenix. WOW. She said A LOT.
if there is any way someone could youtube this or provide a downloadable link I would be much obliged.
Old clips.

But I haven't seen the Anna/Shawn/Famke interviews yet. :up:
She's explaining stuff about Phoenix, who she is and about how both Xavier and Magneto want her for their own reasons.
uh...she talks about Phoenix and how Jean Grey is very different... there's a struggle going on and she's hardly Jean Grey and she's hardly Phoenix- this very extremely powerful creature...and theres a conflict going on between the two...of which whom is gonna overpower the other... uh..complicated for me to type out but Famke says it well more than I can type out what she says. uh im typing this out ... lol so stay with me. She says that Professor X is trying to control her for his own reasons and theres magneto who's trying to control her for his own cause... um...she says by joining the brotherhood when the Phoenix takes over, not purely by choice but mostly out of confusion and not having a place to go back to. Magneto tries to control her in moments but she doesn't let him CONTROL her since she has her own motivations. Famke also says, Jean/Phoenix is rage and passion and she has a lot of emotions bottled into something but with all without any control. She also says that the Phoenix stands for and that she's a very powerful mutant but can't control her powers and so she is extremely powerful if you think about that. She says of Jean Grey that she is very different obviously and that she has the "Control" of her powers which the Phoenix lacks.
What New Clips can be shown this late in the Game ? FOX has probably shown about 50 % of the Movie already
Can somebody upload this thing into Quicktime or something? MTV Overdrive doesn't work on my computer.
Can't see them either, due to territory reasons. Silly site.

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