Mufasa: The Lion King

I feel they've announced a couple live action remakes but none have shaken out right?
I know the first was very successful across a few channels, but I'll believe it when I see it
I don’t think any of the live action remakes deserve a sequel...though I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to Aladdin.
I mean the last one made a lot of money. I don't get why people are acting surprised, saying this is weird, asking why they're doing this, or acting like this isn't how studios have been operating for decades.

I'm not saying it'll be good or anything though
It goes without saying that the first one made a lot of money. Heck, it was the highest grossing animated film when it came out (that's phenomenally depressing) until Frozen 2 dethroned it.

The first one, at least imo, is the worst Disney remake because it was just a soulless cash grab.
I've got no words really. If they're going to be building a new musical from the ground up, I'd much rather it be something new and different instead of using the lifeless CGI of the remake as a vehicle to get this made.
Its crazy Barry Jenkins said yes to this, maybe he knows where to take this next and has a good idea, i know its easy to write this off cus the first was not is Barry Jenkins. ‍
But why.....

Because a billion dollars.

But on the real...yeah, I don't get it, but this being Disney, of course they'd do this just like they're doing with Aladdin. Interesting that they're going with the prequel route instead of Simba's Pride or even an interquel like Lion King 1 1/2, given how well Timon and Pumbaa were received in the film.
Mufasa's origin story...

Yeah, no interest. Despised the last movie. Won't watch a sequel.

For those of you that loved it and the other Disney remakes, have fun. I just don't care about these at this point.
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