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My 1966 Batman Project

Robin's Holyisms

Mar 15, 2007
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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that the first entry in my Batman project is ready to be viewed. I'm really proud of the way that it has turned out even if it has taken a lot longer to finish than I would've liked.

With that said I'm sure that you all will be coming away from this project with more knowledge than what you previously had about the series. The first entry and every other entry in the series after that will posted in the news section on the Arkham City forums.


A new entry in this project will be posted each week on Saturday 10:am UK time. And this will be a 15 part project that will cover the following things:

The Legacy of the Batman TV Series (Part 1)
The Legacy of Batman: The Movie (Part 2)
Comic Book References in the TV Series (Part 3)
Comic Book references in Batman: The Movie (Part 4)
Comic stories that were adapted for television (Part 5)
Villains who weren't used in the TV Series (Part 6) - The three unused Two-Face scripts will be part of this blog.
The influence that the TV Series had on comics, superhero media, and pop culture, (Part 7 )
Media References to the Batman TV Series (Part 8)
References to Batman: The Movie (Part 8)
Batman TV Series references in DC animated media (Part 9)
Direct or Indirect references to the TV Series and Movie (Part 10)
Batman TV Series references in comics (Part 11)
Voice acting roles for Batman 1966 alumni in DC animated media (Part 12)
Legends of the Superheroes (Part 13)
The effect that the TV Series had on Adam West's career (Part 14)
What could be included in a release for the series (Part 15)
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