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The Dark Knight My Batman Art/Manipulations & Requests


Jun 21, 2005
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Well, since I'm tired of posting in a designated forum and I hate having to go three thousand pages to see how someone felt about what, I'm posting everything that I've done in this thread. There will be tons of updates and I'll take requests of actors, don't post your own pictures though, just tell me what or who to do next.

The Art: I Only Post The Best Ones Here!

[This is one of Adrian Brody as Joker, I think he could be just an amazing anything, and I would totally use him if I wanted to re-draft the character, who could probably pull off something so sad and sympathetic that he would make you feel sorry for him.]


[Again, Brody could make any of these crazy characters sad and just depressing and add a touch of realism to them just by that one emotion of complete and utter depression. It only makes sense Two-Face would be depressed, look at his face.]


[Paul Bettany, with only two small alterations to the actual structure of the face. He is so perfect for the role, a few changes to his face and he would perfectly.]


[Not my favorite one of Bettany that I've done, but I think it gives off a more creepy and homicidal and just disturbing feel to the Joker.]


[I actually drew the outlines for this and copied it into photoshop and added most of it there. I believe it is based off of Jude Law but it's really just a random drawing.]

Here's one I just did with Joaquin Pheonix as Two-Face, he is my new number one for him.


[Here's my favorite thing I've done thus far, it's beautiful I think how sad he should be. It should be a totally new take on Two-Face. I love this one, a lot.]


[Here's a new Liev, I like and I'm convinced now that I wouldn't be dissapointed for Two-Face.
I'll get to yours quickly.]

More to come!

Tell me what you like and what you want.
They're quite good:

Here are some requests:

Liev Schreiber as Two-Face
Jeff Goldblum as The Riddler
Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron as Catwoman
Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Crudup as Black Mask
Here's Liev, more traditional. I don't like it, it's too much like the Schumacher version. He's too stiff and emotionless to play a character like that, who had something awful happen to him.

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, he's too predictable as two-face, that's exactly who you would expect to see.

I want something different and cool and modern. Not a re-hash of the comic character. I love what they did with Scarecrow. I don't want a Badass for Two-Face I want a depressed attorney that has a severe case of bi-polar issues and personality disorder.

Not some gun toting badass, if you want a gun toting badass that kills at will with no emotional or acting skill [Liev is from the Scream fame and that's practically it.] Then go watch Terminator.

Adrian Brody has an Oscar, and Joaquin Pheonix is oscar quality [See; Walk The Line]

Liev is a B star with D acting.

Crispin Glover is to the Joker as Liev Shrieber is to Two-Face.
I really like that Joaquin Pheonix manip
warren_sparta27 said:
why when people try to talk **** about Liev it all comes back to Scream?

Yeah, really. I dont see how a crappy script for a previous film should affect whether he gets this role. The film may have been crap, but he did fine in it. He was also excellent in Manchurian Candidate.
How bout a lil comback for my boy Christopher Eccleston as Joker?
Well the art my be good but I still believe your choices of actors to be disgusting.
to the above, these are all requests, and top contenders, Adrian Brody; Joaquin Phoenix has been mentioned for Two-Face, and Paul Bettany has been the top contender for Joker for ages. You are a fool.

see above for liev.
That Joker in the tub is gross/scary/wicked. :D
Could you do one of Rufus Sewell as Two-Face, Hugh Laurie or Simon Pegg as The Riddler, and Jason Isaacs as Mr. Freeze?

[Here's one of Rufus Sewell, the best part here is the other face, and how gruesome it is. I really love it.]

I may seem like a goth, but I'm not, I'm a respectable indie kid.


Add me!!
Michael Jackson as The Joker
Robin Williams as The Joker
Johnny Depp as The Joker
Chris Lloyd as Mr. Freeze
Brad Pitt as Two Face
The Rock as Bane
Oprah Winfry as Catwoman
Judy Dench as Poison Ivy

I just want to see what they'd look like, btw, For Joker, use pics of them smiling or manip a smile on them. Thanks

[OH YEAH, I FREAKIN' ROCK. Look at that, although, it's really really really cartoony and I don't think this particular one would work for Nolan, I'm going to do more Williams.]

Tell me what you think.
Woah, that is an awsome manip. You're good, and very quick. Change the teeth and that looks great. Oh and his sleepy eye too. Looking forward to more from you. But you didn't answer my question above.
I've come to realize, that Johnny Deep, is too pretty to be the Joker. I've gone through about 25 pictures of him and it doesn't work. His chin is too small and his nose too petite. It would take too much prost. to make him look just similair to the Joker.

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