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My computer is eating up to much GB space on my hardrive, any solutions?


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Apr 20, 2004
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My new computer went from 289 GB's down to 236 GB's in a matter of about 10 days since I got it. I've had to uninstall & reinstall a few things since I got it due to technical problems/incompatibility issues but it just doesn't restore the hardrive space after I uninstall a certain program, it just keeps eating it away GB by GB. Any solutions as to how I could solve this problem to help conserve GB space?
quit downloading porn from bit torrents???

You can run some reg cleaners, clean out your temp folders and in small cases run a adware/spyware removal program. empty out your recycle bin.

That will help clean up some crap your probably don't even know it's in there

and if you have alot of pics/movies or porn :p get a external drive like I did :hehe:
^You have an external HD with only porn? You da man morg.
^You have an external HD with only porn? You da man morg.

It does have porn but I have gifs, avatars, movie teasers and movie clips, program files and a ton of wallpapers and Superman/superhero related pics and clips :)

I suggest going and getting this.
This program called SpaceMonger (v 1.4 I think) is a great little tool to show you in a graphical format where (what folders and files) are using your space up.

This might help.

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