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Apr 29, 2004
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Ok I just got this new computer around the 24th of August. and it has over 650 gigs of space. But I think the space is disappearing or something.

Yesterday is when I really noticed it. It said I had 613 of 680 gigs left and I have not put 50 gigs of stuff on this computer since I got it. I was gone for a week and didn't use it and there's no way i've put that much on it.

Today it currently says 603 of 680 left. so where's these 10 gigs of space since yesterday?

I'm running a defrag now, dunno it that'll help. Is there anything I can do to retrieve or find this space? any programs to run?
Its either one of the following

A virus that could be replicating files and eating up space
Your system restore is set on max file size, so when it makes an auto restore point its eating away from space (or another type of back-up prog that does a similar thing)
ok i hope its not a virus.

if its the second, how do i change those settings?
and its at 602 now.
thanks so much for suggesting the system restore thing black dust. that's totally what it is, i deleted restore points and got 40+ gigs back. im back at 640-something.

now i just gotta figure out how to lower the space it takes up for system restore
thanks for the link. i'm the only account set up on the computer but it says that I don't have the correct permission to run the command.

Is your account set as the admin? You have to right click and hit "run as administrator."
when i go to control panel and click my name it says admin. its the only account set up
Is your account set as the admin? You have to right click and hit "run as administrator."

i just saw this. thanks. i'm going to try it now

edit: SUCCESS :awesome:

thanks so much for the help everyone :)
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