My TDK foam costume build WIP


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Oct 17, 2003
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I decided to try and make a batman costume from scratch this year, and since I know nothing about sculpting/molding I decided to try the EVA foam route. I started off with a duct tape dummy of myself, my brother had a blast wrapping me up and cutting me out :o and I have the scars to prove it. But, it turned out well, and then I stuffed it with newspaper:



I went to Dunhams and bought two rolls of foam (technically they were "workout/yoga foam mats") one was thin, the other was a bit thicker. I'm a big fan of Artsee's full front facades (the kind where all you have to do is strap it on and your set to go) so I decided to try and make one of those. I used the thinner foam first for the base, cut the shape and used a heat gun to shape it around my dummy:


I knew I wasn't gonna make this movie accurate, but I could try to get it as close as I could. I didn't use any patterns, just studied the costume pieces and went from there. I used hot glue and super glue, and since everything is flexible it stays attached when payed with:


I used my dremel to add a few little details on the armor, then plasti-dipped the whole thing in my garage. Me, not thinking, let it dry in the garage in 80 degree weather. The duct tape that was holding the armor onto the dummy became unglued and it dropped on the ground, but thank god it was already dry:


I still need to add the carbon fiber detailing, and make the gauntlets. I will be making the cape from scratch. Hopefully the entire project will be done by the end of August, but so far this is about 4 days of work :D

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