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New for 2005: DC Animated Showcase!

Kenny Eugene McCall

I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC!
May 16, 2001
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Hello Hypesters:

Kenny Eugene McCall here with an upcoming new series fanfic idea from SHH! Presents...

2005 is almost upon us, and even though you're enjoying Marvel Spotlight in the Marvel Films forum, how many of you are watching Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network?

Even though this augumented version of JL is pretty good, there are some episodes that need improvement. And it could be much better with the show returning to its hour format, which would be nice for fans of the show.

So I came up with a very slick idea to improve the Justice League series the way it should have been: give all those heroes that were spotlighted in the first and subsequent episodes of Justice League Unlimited their own damn showcase series, while preserving the integrity of the original Big Seven of the Justice League.

I call this series...​

DC Animated Showcase

Join your host, J'Onn J'Onzz, the Martian Manhunter, as he present solo episodes featuring some of your favorite (and not so favorite) DC Comics characters, and maybe some Bruce Timm pics to go with those episodes, too!

The fun begins January 15th 2005! :batman:
Okay Hypesters, Listen Up!​

Just like in Marvel Spotlight, What DC characters would you like to see get their own Showcase episode(s) (This includes anyone in the original Justice League run of the show except for Superman and Batman)?

A more mature version of the Teen Titans (not sure if it would work, since most of the characters haven't been used in the Timm/Dini unverse you're using, but, one can ask, eh?)
The Bat-Family (Bats, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl)
In no certain order...
Different Eras of the JLA (Giffen-Dematteis, Morrison, Satellite, Current)
The entire Bat-Family
Each member or the Bat-Family seperate or paired off.
Kyle Rayner (!)
The Green Lantern Corps
Ollie Queen / Connor Hawke / Roy Harper

Nightwing definitely needs his own spotlight arc, period!
It's about damn time that the Justice Society, not the Justice Guild, get theirs!
Black Canary, Huntress and Batgirl need their episode!


Blue Beetle and Booster Gold
The Gray Ghost
The Ultimen
Wildcat (both Ted Grant and Yolanda Montez versions)
The Atom and Atom Smasher team up.
Fire and Ice vs. Volcana and Killer Frost
Vigilante (Adrian Chase) vs the Suicide Squad!
Flash and his Rogues Gallery

Keep the ideas coming gang!
Anarky. Taking on the government, and by extension, The Justice League. If you're actually doing episode scripts or synopsises, I'd be interested in writing that one.
val armorr ,karate kid
you can loosely base it on the80's solo series he had where he decide to live in the 20th [by now the 21rst] century
zatanna the magician
johnny thunder
hourman and dr fate
the hawk&the dove
the all star squadron
big daddy danger
the inferior 5
I'm doing episode synopses Guard, DarkKnightJRK. But if you want to come in and do some bangin' scripts on my series, go right on ahead guys, I would love to see what you've got!

I would appreciate it very much!
Kenny Eugene McCall said:
I'm doing episode synopses Guard, DarkKnightJRK. But if you want to come in and do some bangin' scripts on my series, go right on ahead guys, I would love to see what you've got!

I would appreciate it very much!

Does it have to be a SCRIPT? Because I'm not really good at script-writing.
No DarkKnightJRK, it can be a short synopsis to make it easier for you if you like.
Dibs on "ANARCHY", featuring President Lex Luthor. :)
Kenny Eugene McCall said:
No DarkKnightJRK, it can be a short synopsis to make it easier for you if you like.

Not even a synopsis, I was asking about novel style. Is that acceptable?
Not a bad idea DK, go ahead and do it on your computer. Put your story in my thread when you get ready.
The Guard said:
Dibs on "ANARCHY", featuring President Lex Luthor. :)

This means you too, Guard. Go ahead and do it on your computer. Put it in my thread when you get ready.
but lex ISN'T presedent in the dcau
Gene, Think about it as a look into the future of Justice League Unlimited. Remember, Lex was president at the beginning of the JL ep, "A Better World."
true but that was in the justice LORDS dimension, not the league's
I'd like to see Episodes featuring indivdually....
1.) Nightwing ( Nightwing is one of DC's best properties that hasn't got the big push he needs)
2.) The Question ( my favorate character in JLU)
3.) Dr. Fate
4.) The Flash
5.) Green Arrow
6.) Green Lantern
7.) Black Canary
8.) The Atom
9.) Aquaman
10.) Captain Marvel ( Although Timm doesn't like CM- I would)

The Ceb-man!
That can be done, Ceb-Man! I've got BIG plans for those characters, especially Nightwing and Black Canary.
Can I third the Nightwing thing? He REALLY needs his own show. Nightwing TAS. Forget just one episode ;)

I'd love to see a Birds of Prey episode with Huntress, Black Canary and Oracle (guest appearances by Ollie, Ted Kord, Dick Grayson are possible)

The Flash definitely needs his own episode.
I could probably write a birds of prey one. I'm not sure how this whole thing works yet though... do we just write a script?
Babs Gordon, this is a short episode synopsis fanfic. Just like in Marvel Spotlight, each DC character gets a five-episode spotlight mini-series, with the option of being spun off into their own full series.

Think of it as a weekday series where one DC hero gets his own week of episodes before being spun off into his own Saturday morning series on the WB or Cartoon Network.
Babs, since you volunteered for both Birds of Prey and Nightwing, you can work with me on the Nightwing spinoff after his five-episode stint. As for BoP, I'll write alternating seasons after you spin off the Birds into their own series.

ohhhh. actually i didn't mean to volunteer to do nightwing if i did. all yours! just pm me when the time is come to do some thinking/writing. this should be really interesting :)

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