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Sep 11, 2009
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Hey everyone.

My name is Ray Gootz. I'm new to the forum. I'm a stand-up comic and writer-director from NYC. I have my own internet comedy series called Ray Gootz's Roommates. I have been a life-long fan of Friday the 13th and Jason. I love all the slasher killers but he is by far my favorite. Anyway this summer I'm filming my own fan-film based on Friday the 13th called Laura the 13th. Here is a summary:

All through high school Laura was picked on. Now years later Laura invites all her tormentors to her family's old summer house in Crystal lake. Fully aware of the death curse she lures them there with a weekend filled with sex, drugs and drinking. She sits back and eagerly awaits Jason's arrival....only he never shows up. Now trapped for a weekend with the people she hates, can Laura make it through the weekend in one piece? Or will she wind up doing Jason's job for him?

As you can tell this is going to be a comedy. But a comedy in the vein of Evil dead or Scream. I have all the Friday films on dvd. and vhs. I have the Camp Blood book. I am a real fan. So while I'm making a comedic Friday the 13th film it's not at the expense of Jason or the mythos which I have the utmost respect for.

We are shooting this August. Alot of the actors that are on this are on my webshow roommates. Dorothy James Loechel who plays Samantha on my web show is going to play Laura and I really think Horror fans are going to love her. Right now we have an indie gogo going to raise money for this, I want to share the link:

if you check it out I have all the info, pictures of the cast and a pitch video. I would love it if people could help show the page to Horror fans that may find this interesting. The only reason I'm doing indie go-go is because I want this film to be made the best way possible. If you guys could help me spread the word, that'd be great. Also so you can see the crew of people I'm working with here is the link to my show's youtube page:

I'll keep posting updates in this thread. Also wait till you see the poster I'm having made for this. All I'll say is if your a Spider-man and a Friday the 13th fan your gonna want a copy. Well thanks for reading! I'm actually going to fall asleep to Friday 5 now because I'm in a self-destructive mood.
Thank you, met with the make-up girl today and we discussed deaths. We have a really good plan both for

a) If this movie makes it's goal


B) I have zero budget

The tone of this film will change depending on if I can reach my goal on indie gogo or not. As my money stands right now it's gonna be extremely comedic ala baghead with little gore but if my goal is reached we are talking some evil dead/ Friday the 13th part 4 violence. Again check it out if you haven't. I'm gonna keep posting updates here at all times.
Good luck. I have my own project going on Indiegogo myself. Crowdsourcing is a tough racket to get into though.
You should check out the trailer for a movie I worked on with some friends a couple years back. It's a comedic send up to classic 80's horror movies, directly inspired by Friday, and Psycho Cop. It's called Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger.

there is the poster for Laura the 13th. Hope you guys like it.

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