New Tim Kring Interview

I kinda wished they'd touched on a couple of faults that happened during Vol. 2.

The repetitive nature of Maya and Alejando's storyline, and the illogical - and somewhat rushed - setup of Peter in Ireland. These were the biggest problems I had with the show, but any other niggling issues have been answered or acknowledged by Kring, or just minor for me not to remember what they are!

Oh yeah... Nathan. I felt, while I was watching him (haven't seen the last two for they've not aired in Australian yet), did not have much to do by way of characterisation except to search for his brother and revel in guilt over the Season 1 finale events, compared to brisk development in about the same amount of episodes in Vol 1. But that was something I had notice, and it would have been deliberate anyway: his arc was broader, and he basically relied on other characters to get to certain signposts that would advance or belie deeper character development.
Thanks for checking out the interview Pyro. I didn't touch on any of the faults from V2 because I had read and seen enough of Tim's answers for V2. I wanted to move past and talk about other items. I am hoping to speak with him again before V3 starts up.

And if you haven't seen the last two episodes of V2 yet...hold on to your hat!
The picture in your interview makes me realize that Kring looks like Steve Buscemi with a goatee.

Well, it was a fairly softball interview with a lot of "I don't know" answers. One thing that really bothered me was this answer:

That is exactly how we charted it out. What we didn't really anticipate was just how the shelf life for patience in the
audience. It has really gotten shorter every year. Once you get people addicted to adrenaline, thats what they want all the
time. It is very hard to shape a story when people only want the climax only. The climax doesn't have the same power or importance if it doesn't have the same build up. We are struggling with how to give the audience enough of a thrill ride while building that momentum needed for a climax to the story. Volume 2 is a classic story of that. I think the week to week where you had to wait to watch it was tough on that Volume. I think the DVD experience of that Volume will be awesome. I think people will watch it again and see that it was brilliant.

Its like he is saying it is the audience's fault for not appreciating season 2 despite that it had horrible pacing and repetitive plots.

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