New Year's Eve - What's the game plan?


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Mar 8, 2004
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Anything on your agenda to ring in 2008? Partake in VH-1's Most Awesome Moments Ever? Go to as many bars as humanly possible? Just chill? Play Team Fortress 2 until midnight?


I'll probably be at the casino and wait for a female friend that works there to get off...then we'll spend the rest of the evening there more than likely. :o
Most likely (but hopefully not) what I'm currently doing; being confined to my room. :down
goin to a house party and then party with some midgets
There's a little cafe/coffee shop in my neighborhood that's having a little shin dig with a band.
I figure it'll be a good stepping stone to becoming involved in with my new community. They have organic beer. :heart: :up:
Party at my bud's house.
So far, my plans include Reese's Miniatures, a small bottle of Smirnoff Ice, and the television. :D
I'm on call, so I can't leave the house. I have to be within 10 minutes of a computer and internet in case I get any calls, so the wife and I invited some friends over and I bought 6 bottles of booze and we're going to get completely bombed.
A quiet evening with friends...
Having another couple over for drinks and whatever it is we freak-niks do...

Go to bed before 11pm :(
Chillin with some friends, nothing spectacular.
Yeah, I'll probably do the same.......I don't make it far past 10:00 p.m.
I might bring a six pack or 2 for work tomorrow. The joys of working 4-midnight
I got a "You Rock" on Hit Me With Your Best Shot at Best Buy on Hard today. Beat that, and you earn my respect. :o

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