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Nicholson vs Romero: The Joker Movie Thread

Kevin Roegele

Do you mind if I don't?
May 2, 2000
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Who do you think was closer to the comicbook character? I'd have to say Romero. He is virtually perfect (except for the maustache). He wasn't homicidal, but then the comic Joker wasn't at the time. People always remember Burgess Meredith as the Penguin or Julie Newmar as Catoman, but the standout villains for me were Romero and Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, who were both better than Nicholson and Jim Carrey. Despite the camp tone of the show.
I think the *ultimate* Joker is Mark Hamill from the animated shows/movies myself.

But my *favourite* is Nicholson...god I just love that guy.
I know a lot of fans feel the animated series Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) is the best, but the question here is comparing the live-action Jokers.
Well if it's about live-action Jokers then I go with Jack Nicholson, I like Nicholson as actor too "wait til they get lot of me" I also saw The Postman Always Rings Twice. He was physco lunatic Prince Clown of crime so Jack is Joker til now.
No question...Nicholson...come on...it's Jack. :D
Jack as The Joker was probably the best villian out of the entire franchise.
All work and no play makes JACK a dull boy.

Thae fact that this thread exists is shameful. Nichoson owns.....except for Hammil.:batman:
Far and away Romero. Hamills Joker sounds exactly like him but his character was written better.
While Jack was great(as always), I have to admit I think Romero embodied the comicbook character of the Joker more.
Yeah looking as Nicholson's body of work up to that point, the casting of him as Joker made perfect sense, and worked wonderfully.
the thing that bothered me about romero's joker is that he was never made into the major villain he should have been, i mean i think i saw egg-head more than him.

anyway, nicholson is the man...even if that pic is down right disturbing
Romero was probably the best to represent the Joker from the sixties comic book version. But personally, I'll always go with Jack. I think he nailed it perfectly. Figure he's got the insanity down just right, and he killed a lot of people. Romero, well, he was just kind of a clown that stole things.
Mark Hamill. :D

Oh, we're talking about movies, Nicholson.
Jack Nicholson, by a hair (or in Romero's case, a moustache).

just bull****ting you..

NICHOLSON DAMMIT! :rolleyes: ofcourse..
Definitely Romero. But Jack comes a very close second. I really wish that I could have taken Romero's lean physique and maniacal laugh and put it together with Jack's manic performance and lethality. Then you'd have the perfect live action Joker.

And I'm glad someone pointed out how Hamill's performance owes so much to Romero's. I thought I was the only one who ever saw that.
Nicholson with out a doubt. So far he has been the best comic villain on screen....EVER.

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