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Age of Extinction Non-G1 TF Movies


Jul 12, 2005
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I think a really well done Beast Wars animated movie would rock. Like have it take place shortly after the ending of Beast Wars, with the awakening of a few stasis pods that form new Maximals. For the Predacons, it could have been an insurance plan for Megatron, having collected and setup Predacon-Altered stasis pods that would come online if he ever lost...leaving the Predacons to finish Megatron's old work.

This would also give a cool reason to have the original Crocodile Megatron (like how the toy was). Megatron could have uploaded his personality and memories into one of the Protoforms. And given it instructions as to what had happened and what the backup plans were.

This could be done in the same way Shrek and other Dreamworks CGI-films have been done...quality-wise I'm meaning.
I also think they could do a really good version of Armada, similiar to how the PS2 Game was handled. Particularly a new take on the Armada story and overall universe in the form of an animated movie. Sort of a "What If..." Tie-In movie.

Make some changes here and there...But make sure to bring in Tidal Wave for a huge epic battle.

Hot Shot

Galvatron (instead of Megatron)
Tidal Wave
Lots of Drones (Cannon Fodder)
The Armada comic actually had a good story unlike the cartoon... I would mind a movie based on Furman's work after issue 6.
I wouldn't mind seeing a G2 Animated Movie based on the G2 Comic. I think that would be awesome.
Yeah I mean Beast Wars was the main reason I got into Transformers at all. I was addicted to the show as a kid, and really I still am. For a kids show, that had some really deep, touching moments. Dinobot fighting off all the Predacons that he used to be teamed with in order to save the future of human kind, dying in the process was just touching. I will never forget his last words, "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest...is silence." I cried! I love that show, and would love to see it resurrected on the big screen. The only problem would be the voices. They would have to get the old voice actors. I just loved Megatrons voice in the BW series.

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