Normal looking Figs...6-7 inch scale.


Aug 30, 2003
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Yeah...Sorry for starting a thread when I don't really need too...but I am doing a little project thing...semi Stop's a long story...but I was working on the little Film project and now the director guy....the guy with the camera is getting coldish feet and wanting to back out....I've done a lot to help him out here...Wrote it, Cast it, found free locations....but I am now going to put together a small film to show him that this is good material and can work...and hopefully motivate him to do this......and I only know one way to do it.....Figs.

So I need to know what 'normal' lookign figs I have that can be used in this....not so much what ones there are..but what I have....

I've already 'cast' Angel, Faith and well as Stan Lee...I need one more guy....preferably in a Suit...other then Xavier, two young guys and a Gothy girl.....

I am trying to avoid using Spike and Wesley because I don't want it an all Buffy cast.

Any Suggestions...and Man I wish I could get a Ultimate Peter parker fig in like...a day....I passed on that so much....and the guy in the suit is for my role so please don't say Yeah...From ML...and DCD...who can pass as Normal looking.

Norman Osborn or some of the Peters from the Spiderman movie line?
yeah...and JJJ Too...I never got them unfortunetally
Hm, what about some of the first X Men movie figs? Rogue? Especially the one with the scarf? Logan? Maybe tie up the trench coat on ML Tom Jane Punisher?
Excelent...I do have X1 Rogue...that will work great....thanks...and I think Tom Jane might be in there as well...the Skull can doesn't need to be completely legitiamate....but I would like to to be realistic looking clothes...Skull t shirt can work
My Brain is fuzzy...What about Street fighter
I don't know DC direct at all really, but I feel like they have a ton of normal clothed figures. Any Smallville stuff? A quick change Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne in a suit? And not sure how expansive you are into other lines, but N2's original Matrix figures definately had at least one Smith in a suit, and there's been at least 2 runs of Reservoir Dog figures obviously all in suits. That's all that comes to mind at the moment, although there's obviously tons more.
Yeah...I looked a the Resivoir Dogs..but they aren't articulated enough...though it's a smaller role...I could make it work
Hm I was about to suggest Hartigan from the Sin City line but if mass articulation is a need then that probably won't be too helpful.
yeah....not mass...but some wouldn't hurt...they do need to move
Steve - Angel
Rachel - Faith
Nikki - Rogue
Alisha - Buffy
Kev - Punisher
Marty - Fry
Jim - Clark Kent
Nick - Stan Lee done....unless someone can think of something better then Futurama`s Fry....he doesn`t fit in there too well...but I need someone kinda goofy and like a cartoon....but I want it to blend well
Also other 'normal' looking figs could be O'Brien and panda from LCBH
I've got a JJJ from the Spidey Movie line you can have.
Nah....well maybe....but not for this...but I do want it still.....does he have the desk and stuff?
Nah....well maybe....but not for this...but I do want it still.....does he have the desk and stuff?

Yup I think I still have the desk and the newspaper lying around here somewhere. I'll take a look see.

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