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Official A-Team Poll


Sep 13, 2005
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Simple: Choose you fave member!

BTW, I was watchin' a program here in the UK (Bring Back: The A-Team), and Mr.T stated that he wore gold gauntlets/medallions as a symbol for blakc slavery....

He said that they showed that he was still a slave (like mannacles), but his price was higher.

Pretty deep for someone I used to think was a bit simple...
I voted for the Faceman. He deserves respec for gettin a slice of poon EVERY show.... :D
It was always a toss-up between Hannibal and Face. Hannibal because he was the kind of crazy that Murdock wasn't (the-let's-blow-some-stuff-up kind of crazy) and Face because he was such a charmer. He could get ANYTHING. He was the real spy-guy of the team. Sigh, I love that show.
I liked them all. But I've got to say my fav was B.A. Bad Attitude could've just as easily almost meant Bad Ass. He was tough, but smart, and I loved the B.A.-Murdock exchanges.

BTW, I was a huge Mr. T fan back in the day. Rocky III is still my favorite Rocky film. I used to have a Mr. T action figure-not doll, act Mr. T cereal, and even watched Mr. T & the T Force cartoon. Later on, I even watched T & T.
Face in the first series, before he became a yuppie and was like a shifty version of the Fonz instead. Aftert hat, Murdock reigns supreme!......

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