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Faint or expload, one of it. That would be freakin' awesome... even a link from the site would be awesome really.
Being recognized is always awesome...

About the official site, I wonder will they have any little weblogs of any kind on it in time. I mean, that seems to be the way to go these days and it's always great getting some insight into how the production is going.
Anybody else feel that they're droppin' the ball a little on this website? It hasn't been updated in months. With online promotion the way it is these days, I'd think they'd have a much better and more informative website up by now...
lol I guess they thought all the logo changes in the begining was enough lol
Not a peep that I know of. But it's all good. I'm confident this movie is gonna be worth the wait.

G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Ghost Rider! Whooo!
So, MSJ says that we'll have a new Ghost Rider movie site sometime in the near future. Bout time I say. It's a little too late to have weblogs and such on there as that's usually done during production time so, I'm wondering what kind of neat things can we expect there?
Is everyone pleased with the look of the site so far? I am. I love that image that starts things off. Pretty sweet... and I see that IMDB is using it for thier GR page now as well.
Just curious. Seems like MSJ said a while back the site would be updated more than every few months, and it's never really changed. Not that he moderates the site or anything, but someone does and it seems there's nothing going on there at all.:ghost:
That's cause the movie doesn't come out till Feb.

this is only June

It wouldn't start updating for a while.
Personally, I'd start now. I would have started in December actually.
Run out of things to update before the tv spots start:o
Well, I'd have to say wait as well. I mean FF did the Same thing, and it was down MANY times. I say give them a chance, or, at least send us some Hi-Res screen shots for wall papers
They will update it as the movie gets closer I hope its a good site.
If I were them, I'd have it up in time for the ComicCon. A lot of people are going to be looking for it after that... but, that's just me.
If it were up to me I would update the Site the same day the Ghost Rider Comic Con Presentation would be that way after hte Presentation get everything Online Officially the same day. But thats just me. At least this Movie is not showing to much to early.
If I wasn't a Ghost Rider fan and didn't know much about it, that site wouldn't hype me at all.

They need some updates. Pictures, story, character files etc.
we better get something on HALLOWEEN or im killin
The Spider-Man 3 needs to get some new stuff too.
The downloads section for the Spidey corner of Sony Pictures has a count down on it, and I wouldn't mind seeing the same on the Rider site.
They could have a photo section on the Spider-Man 3 site.

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