Ghost Rider Demon Duel (Tips, HighScores)

Tomorrow you'll be in second and I'll be in first!:D

lol. This game is simple but fun.
I like seeing the intro to the site though.:D
I wish they's make a downloadable version. Reminds me of the Space Invaders game. :D

Hey FlameHead, are you going to do the top 7 because we can only have 7 images in a post?
You guys are gonna hate me arent' you?


It was on a 4th try too. Total fluke cuz the first 3 tries I didn't get past 50 thou and not past 100 thou on 8 following tries. Totally addictive game though eh? I can only imagine what the real games are gonna be like for me.
MarvelMovies!!!!! Let's take him down!

It's on now FlameHead!!!!:p
I think I lose after that because I'm so excited. My heart's beating fast and my legs are shaking.:O

lol you guys are STILL at it? OY

I can't get past 74K :(
Wowie Mowie WH! Nice work. The list has been updated.

Another tip, so I noticed a while ago, is that you can take out demons with just the touch of of the chair. If you move across will the chain is extented it'll sweep through the badies. It helps when they're close...
That helps me a little too!:D

Thanks for the comment by the way.:up:
Come on folks? Where's your scores? BIGGUN? MSJ (hehe)?

Let's make it a top 7 at least...

I can't ****ing break 100,000 points!

And I've been working on it since the game debuted.

I should just shop a 1 in the front of that number.

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