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Oldboy: 3-Disc Collector's Edition....Thank you, God...

Aug 30, 2004
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Now THIS is a freaking Double dip :up:
I can't wait!
I've rented this multiple times but never got around to watching it. I really really need to.
I think I'm just never going to buy another dvd until I'm dying of cancer. Then I'll watch them all from my death bed.
I'll stick to the copy I have.
Retail is JUST $39.99??!? Sounds like a deal...not.

I love the film, but my Tartan version is fine with me.
Stick with the one i have its cool its the 2 disk specail editon and cool enough for me
The casing is nice, but I like my Tartian copy just fine. I don't need all those extras.
I do.
I need to know everything about this film.
It's certainly 1,000 times better than the Fox double-dips, for example.
That is a great cover. But I'm still not buying it.
It's weird. I liked this flick but at the sametime I didn't. Maybe it was the second half that I didn't like.

I mean...I like that one take fight scene...I liked the resturant scene where he's eating the (BEEP).....
I was given this film by a friend... I don't really like it much. Perhaps its just the heavy amount of incest, but I don't really find this movie at all a pleasant experience to sit through. Is it well made? Yeah, and it has that awesome one-take fight scene. But it's not something I'd care to watch ever again.
yeah, to me, it's NOT a buy...but it's good to see this flick at least once.

I give it credit for being different.
Octoberist said:
yeah, to me, it's a buy...but it's good to see this flick at least once.

I give it credit for being different.
I do too, and I like the whole Oedipus Rex vibe the film has, but still... I just don't find it enjoyable. I'd probably like the film better if it was less extreme, and I know that will probably tick the film's fans off, but it's how I feel.
Oldboy is what I have sex with when I'm out of female.
why would anybody ever want to watch that ****ed up **** more than once?

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