Oliver Stone's JFK


Sep 15, 2005
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Great movie, but what is your overall opinion of the movie.....
um, great movie indeed ???
BTW, if I were to cast this movie today, I would use Edward Norton as Oswald.
It was excellent, and IMO it has the best cast ever assembled for a movie:

Kevin Costner
Tommy Lee Jones
Gary Oldman
Kevin Bacon
Sissy Spacek
Jack Lemmon
Walter Matthou
Joe Pesci
Edward Asner
Donald Sutherland
Michael Rooker
John Candy
Wayne Knight
Laurie Metcalf
Vincent D'Onoffrio
Brian Doyle Murray

...to name a few.

Oldman's resemeblance to Oswald was so accurate it was frightening. Same with Murray as Jack Ruby.
Without doubt, the most powerful film I have ever seen.
It may not be accurate, but one of the best.
fantastic film...really, i think it should re released, or something. pepole have forgottn about this and its one of the best EVER. release it in any other year besides 91 which had silence of the lambs, and this is a lock for best pic.
yeah, like other people said....it may not be the most accurate portrayal of the facts, but that aside, its an amazing film.
I wonder if anyone doesnt like this movie...I thought it was amazing.
I don't. Mostly due to the fact that it's all sorts of inaccurate and it's Oliver Stone. Let the stoning begin, I suppose...
Great film points out how stupid you have to be to believe the "magic" bullet theory.
anyone know of a good website that points out the factual innacuracies of the film?
Awesome film. There's no doubt there was a conspiracy.
Its a very, very long movie. Yet I still watch it at least 3 times a year. Thats how good it is. :o
Back, and to the left. Back....and to the left.
I like it but the opening narration is terrible
it's a testement to oliver stone's talent that he was able to touch and affect so many people with a film that relied on "facts" that were 90% skewed or completely fabricated. the film is amazing, great performances from every single actor, terrific editing, etc.

oswald acted alone.
yeah, if u search the web theres a really good website that seperates fact from fiction...

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