One Hit Wonders

Jennifer Walters

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Aug 2, 2005
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Hmm. So I was just wondering what everyone's favorite one hit wonder song is? I got into a fit and started downloading some left and right tonight.
"2 blondes and a redhead" by the cherry picker gang
Is Tom's Diner a one hit wonder?
Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music White Boy
Marcy Playground - Sex & Candy
Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot


Suirrel Nut Zippers - Hell

Those are the great one-hit wonders of the 90s. Seems like that whole genre was a series of one-hit wonders.
You know Cyclops that is so true. There was a plethora of One Hit Wonders in the 90's.
It's not my favorite one hit wonder (dunno what is), but I always liked "A Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins.
November Rain said:
hurricane, if you hated it, why did you put it down?
Good question. Didnt read the first post, just assumed it was just naming one hit wonders.

Hmmm but one that I liked was Four to the Floor by starsailor remix. Not sure how it did in other countries
that's the thing, a one hit wonder in one country may not be clear cut in another one...

Like the Venga boys - Boom Boom Boom boom i believe was a one hit wonder in the United States, however in the United Kindom and probably around europe they release i believe at least six singles in total.
Nada Surf - "Popular". That song was so cool. :p
Here's a few I like:

Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eifel 65 (more for the video than for the song)
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
Are You Jimmy Ray? - Jimmy Ray
Closing Time - Semisonic
How Bizarre - OMC
What is Love - Haddaway
Walkin' in Memphis - Mark Cohn
redmarvel said:
Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
Closing Time - Semisonic
How Bizarre - OMC

Mambo #5 is crap. Bittersweet Symphony kicks ass. Clsing Time and How Bizzare aren't great but aren't horrible either and I get a nice nostalgic feeling thinking about them. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned The Macarena yet. I guess it annoyed too many people after awhile.

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