Only Lovers Left Alive- Hiddleston And Swinton Are Vampires


Jan 4, 2008
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So this is pretty random/awesome.


From Film School rejects:
Jim Jarmusch usually only makes a new movie once every few years these days, so it’s always nice to see something he’s done pop up on the upcoming releases calendar. His latest work, Only Lovers Left Alive, can’t help but give one pause though. Is Jim Jarmusch, the guy who always makes off the beaten path projects, really making a vampire movie at the height of this current, Twilight-inspired vampire craze? Yes, it’s true, Jarmusch is making a movie about a glamorous, vampire rock star and his eternal romance with a pale, blood sucking beauty—but there’s a twist that makes all of that instantly okay.

As you can see from the film’s first released image [via Indiewire], Jarmusch has cast The Avengers’ Tom Hiddleston as his vampire rocker, and Middle-earth’s Tilda Swinton as his centuries-old lover. Maybe it goes without saying, but… They. Look. Awesome. That’s all it takes, just one image of these two wearing sunglasses at night, and suddenly one’s mind dizzies with the anticipation of watching them hanging all over each other and acting all sleazy together. What a couple of creeps. Factor in that Jarmusch has also cast Mia Wasikowska as Swinton’s crazy little sister, and this thing is likely to extend the tired vampire craze by another five years. But it’s going to be worth it.

I'm not sure why this guy makes a connection between Middle Earth and Tilda Swinton.:doh:
Sounds interesting.
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guessing he got tilda mixed up with blanchett

tilda was in narnia tho lol
Yea he either can't tell the difference between Swinton and Blanchett, or Middle Earth and Narnia.
Hiddleston and Swinton as vampires: how sure are we that this isn't a documentary? :eek:
Hiddleston as a vampire is genius.
Are vampires ever not going to be in vogue?
So it's this AND Byzantium coming out?!?!
German posters, but still. It's something...



Quite looking forward to this.

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