Organizations beyond Cobra

especially in today's post-cold war, multi-splintered dispersal of antagonistic ideologies throughout today's world, what is a credible threat to GI Joe besides Cobra? Bear in mind, Cobra isn't tied to any one country of origin.. Maybe there are other groups wanting to compete with Cobra for global influence.. This could be explored in future films, increase the political intrigue..
I hope that some other groups besides Cobra end up being dealt with in the next film.
The Dreadnoks are more or less a separate criminal syndicate. So is Extensive Enterprises (the Crimson Guard would make more sense as a separate organization from Cobra that is the military arm of Extensive; the main reason the original Cobra had so many different "elite" units was to sell more action figures).

Of course, like any sane person I do not want to see Cobra La in any shape or form, but maybe there is some opportunity to take that concept and turn it into a more credible organization that is another evil counterpart to Cobra.

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