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Original XBOX Games Available For DL On 360

I played both & love both & back then I was not big on XBOX Live when Advent Rising came out. I definitely want to check out Advent Risings Online Play & stuff.
I think I'll get some games. My original Halo 1 disc is scratched to hell and doesn't even work anymore due to our practically unlimited system link multiplayer sessions. :(
I'll use this since everything XBL-related gets charged to my dad's credit card :o
Pretty lame.
I think it's a good thing. There were a lot of Xbox games I meant to get when the price came down that I never got around to purchasing. Panzer Dragoon Orta is still $50 if you can find it, and there are some other titles I'd like to see made available as well.

At $10 it's reasonable. Especially with included achievements. Hopefully we see some released at $5 as well.
I'm going to drive my explosive van into Microsoft HQ tonight.
At $15, these motherchuffing games better have achievements. 500 just for buying the things. Otherwise Major Nelson will have a very morose podcast this weekend. :mad:

Blas, are you ready for a one-way trip? :D
If Halo manages to get online co-op and multiplayer going, that would be a big reason for re-purchase.
It looks like now is the time to get that 120 gig hard drive.

The hard drive's basically like the memory card right? How many games can be on the hard drive that comes with the premium?
The hard drive's basically like the memory card right? How many games can be on the hard drive that comes with the premium?

We're not talking 50mb XBLA games here. The average Xbox 1 game was somewhere between 2-5 gigs.

The Xbox360's harddrive with the premium is 20 gigs, meaning you could expect at best to get 8 games fitting snugly. Of course, compression has come a long way these past few years and developers could always cut down on audio and visual sampling rates... but still... if you're planning on getting some Xbox games, you'll likely want a bigger hard-drive.
If I didn't own most of the games mentioned in the article, excluding Crimson Skies, Burnout 3, and the Crash Bandicoot game :shudder:, I'd consider getting them.

If they do come with achievements, I'd take a second look.

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