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Apr 13, 2006
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I'm curious to see what everyone is making of this current arc.

Thus far I feel like it's a been there and done that kind of arc. Just ready for them to get back to basics, though I do like the idea of what Green Lantern is bringing into the mix.
I really like the current arc. I think the story-telling is top notch. With that said, Superman depowered gets on my nerves a bit because thats the whole f'n point. Superman is one of the most powerful beings, and seeing him depowered is sort of a let-down.
At this point, I can get behind the powerless Supes deal. It leads to some interesting storytelling. This guy is used to being incredibly powerful and the greatest hero around. Now, he's essentially a regular Joe. Seeing Clark continue to act as a hero and be involved with doing what's right just underscores what kind of character he is.

We know he'll get his powers back at some point and and it'll be interesting to see if DC tries to incorporate some different perspective on the man when he does. What I'm looking forward to after the power-up is how it affects Clark and Lois, both of whom seem to be truly comfortable with the loss of Superman's powers.
I am enjoying the whole GL influence issue. It's a truly unique approach to the material.
I really like how this arc is going so far. Seeing him without his powers and how he acts to it is great. I'm curious as to how Lois and Clark deal with it as well, being that they both agree that life is better for them without Superman.
Did the last issue of action comics come out yet?
Anyone know if DC will collect this arc? It's a really interesting arc, but it would be easier to pick up the TPB if they ever get it in.
ChrisBaleBatman said:
Anyone know if DC will collect this arc? It's a really interesting arc, but it would be easier to pick up the TPB if they ever get it in.

This and the Batman OYL will be collected sometime this fall.
It appears that Clark's powers may be back sooner than I thought. This arc is really progressing nicely. I like how they're showing the dynamic between Clark and Lois and Clark and Jimmy. It's almost as if not being Superman is a relief. How the end of AC 838 ties into Superman 652 should be good.
I'm loving this arc so much right now. Even more that Batman OYL wich is pretty kick ass it's self
Yeah, the Batman OYL is off the chain.......but Supes is absolutley breaking some kind of incredible ground. I'll pick up the tpb for sure.
yeah, this arc has been great...first superman arc I've been into in a long time...I also cant wait till Flash OYL and Wonder Woman OYL
ChrisBaleBatman said:
Yeah, the Batman OYL is off the chain.......but Supes is absolutley breaking some kind of incredible ground. I'll pick up the tpb for sure.

BATMAN : OYL is awesome, Bruce has changed alot, he's still The Badass Dark Knight from before, but he's different. He a little more kidder.

SUPERMAN : OYL has been Incredible, I like the fact that Lois & Clark realtionship is still strong even after all the events of I.C. I'm glad Clark has moved on from The Mild Manner Reporter , to a Star reporter for the Daily Planet. I can't wait to see Clark back in The Red cape & Blue tights .:supes:
Well, somethings have changed.

DC COMICS seeems to have done 2 MAJOR things to the history of the characters.

Joe Chill, the Wayne Murderer, has now been caught.....when Bruce was a kid. It's like the Batman Begins origin now. Not sure how much EXACT it is, but we won't know for a while.

Supposedly, there were sightings of Superman....or atleast Superman activites, before he popped up in Metropolis. So, it could be falling in line with some of the SMALLVILLE stuff.
u guys see the changes in the costume... the raises S and longer sleeves, kinda cool i think, and i like how the S looks kinda metalic. nice touches, makes him look
The S does look metallic now; more like a true shield, instead of just an emblem. I also noticed the S resembles the movie version now. The tail of it doesn't have that 'circular' top, it's a straight edge.

OK, enough aesthetics on my part, getting to the story. So, we finally get Superman back with his powers still not at full strength. Nice touch by the writers in having Clark only being able to jump 1/8 at first instead of flying at first (a little homage to his original power level). The same could be said of how Clark descibed his strength and invulernability to gunfire.

Lois seemed to take his power recovery in stride, but I still believe the earlier set-up in how happy they were when he wasn't Super is going to play into things somehow.

There was some good on-the-fly strategy by Superman in dealing with the various villains hired by Intergang. I've liked Livewire since her debut in S:TAS.

What the hell are Lex and Toyman planning? What's with Superman having a buzzing/ticking in his brain? Is his Super-Sense tingling? :spidey: :supes:

All in all, another good story in this arc.
I actually hadn't noticed the changes to the costume. Good eyes, guys.
I'm really loving what's going on right now. Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek are definitely two guys who can get me back into Superman. It's been like over ten years since I've read a Superman comic...and I've waited a while for something like this. So, I'm definitely enjoying this ride.

I love how Luthor is being handled now. They're going back to the roots and the basics, gotta love it. And the way they are handling his powers is awesome. Though I wonder what's up with the buzzing in his head. Maybe it's his heat and x-ray vision. Or maybe something else is up.

Hopefully Mr. Busiek and Johns have a little surprise up their sleeves. And it's good to know that Kurt Busiek will be on the title a little bit after Up, Up, and Away.

Things look good for Superman.
Anyone else notice the slightly 3D symbol in Supes 652?
SuperLee said:
Anyone else notice the slightly 3D symbol in Supes 652?
Did you somehow miss the above posts directly talking about the raised \S/? :confused:
Here's my review of Superman 652 that I posted in the DC forum:
I really liked seeing Clark come back, and I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the Puzzler's return was. I love her personality and the fact that she refered to her defeat during Ending Battle as "a standstill" had me laughing.

The issue's remaining villains, on the other hand, had me wanting so much more. After some absolutely fantastic appearances by the Prankster, Neutron, and Radion in the last couple books in this arc, I was expecting the villains in this issue to be up to par and shown to their potential, but instead, they're more along the lines of Metallo's appearance in terms of quality.

I'll admit that it was nice to see them in one place and being used as actual threats, instead of being locked in the creative closet at DC Comics as they have been since before the millennium (I'm not counting their wasted appearances in Ending Battle as "threatening").

First of all, the Silver Banshee had to be taken down off-panel because she (in all likelihood) could have easily killed Superman and ended the story right there. She'll probably recover and pop back up to resume the fight in Action Comics#839, but judging by this issue alone, her appearance is disappointing.

And Livewire flew straight towards the water flowing out of the dam? How dumb is she?

I'm glad that it was acknowledged that Hellgrammite was a very tough guy, but he shouldn't have been knocked out from the fall. He's taken punches from a fully powered Superman before and remained conscious (he's not nearly as strong as Supes, but he should still damn well be able to shrug off that fall).

And now Riot and Bloodsport...


I have no clue WTF happened to Riot, but he's lost much of the fun factor he had during the 90's. What happened to the crazy little imp-ish man with the skull face and long hair who constantly argued with his copies? Now he's got a face that literally looks like a three year old drew it with a crayon. That's just stupid. Why try to change something that was just fine as it was originally?

Bloodsport had me cocking my eyebrow as well. Who the hell is this new guy and where's Alex Trent? Does this Bloodsport even have a teleporter? If he doesn't, then he's got no right to that title. He's already got a sure strike against him for using such low-tech weapons. Why the hell is he using bullets? What happened to the ultra high-powered blasters that were once synonymous with the name Bloodsport?

In conclusion, I really liked seeing the Puzzler, Superman and Clark's characterization and return to action. The other villains, however, left much to be desired. Why can't writers just bring back the classic ones without dumbing them down or drastically altering them?
Superman 652



Another of the many reason's why I love Lois Lane . :up: :up: :supes:
It's a fantastic story. As I said in another forum here, it's everything that Byrne's Man of Steel and Waid's Birthright failed to be.
I couldn't agree more, this could be the best Superman restarts yet.

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