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OYL-Explainations of Series


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Jan 9, 2006
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Post OYL, what do you feel the best books will be? Also, describe some of the supporting characters(if you know them), the point of the 1st arc, and what the feel of the book will be. For instance, I got Teen Titans #34, and this is how I'd describe it.

Teen Titans- Disfunctional Team-type book, with people learning about each other and learning to work together- Almost similar to a 70s team book feel, with a good guy team and a bad guy team and two mysterious teams- cast= Kid devil, Ravager, Cyborg, Robin, Wonder Girl, Bumble Bee, Beast Boy, and Robot Man are known so far. 1st Story arc-Cyborg gets up to date, wonder girl chooses a team and the teams head into battle against a foe for the first real time.

Thanks- I'm trying to figure out which ones to pick up.
Batman will be the best book, guaranteed! Wait, it practically IS. Seriously, Grant Morrison is coming on in July and I can't wait! Plus, Rags Morales will be illustrating TEC soon and that'll be a must every month as well! I might wet my pants if I keep talking about them so I'll leave it at that!

I'm really looking forward to the 12-issue Shazam! series as well! I've really come to appreciate Cpt. Marvel a great deal more in the last year. I'm interested to see where they go with it.

...I don't want to overspeculate what the news series will be about. I just want to be entertained and hopefully surprised along the way.
The Outsider are now a (presumably) government-sanctioned covert team.
that's about it.
Nightwing is very confusing. I'm waiting for some expanation as to why waht's going on is going on.
And if the feeling I get from Robin and Teen Titans is right, Robin is now a certified bad-ass.
What's going on in the Robin series now? Is he still wanted OYL?
It depends on what you like. A number of the OYL have been good so far and show promise.

I'm most excited about Batman. They're writing him as less of a paranoid jerk and seem to be allowing for more of the partnership between he and Robin and Gordon. Two-Face has some interesting developments in dealing with his inner self.

Superman is coming to terms with being powerless and life as Clark Kent. He's still active as a hero, but he's taking a different approach to things. Lois is truly happy to have a 'normal' relationship and Clark shares in that. However, we know he's going to be all Super at some point and that dynamic offers the potential for a very compelling story. Also, Lex is cooking up something with Toyman that I just feel will be wicked. He's got to piece his empire back together.

I like Green Lantern 'cause I'm a fan of Hal Jordan. He's still dealing with the events of Rebirth and his time as Parallax. Additionally, he's having some conflict with other nations when he's acting as Green Lantern. Some countries aren't taking kind to him encroaching their borders to carry out his duties. With the Corps rebuilding and all, there's alot going on there.

There are others that I've enjoyed thus far (Hawkgirl, TT) and I'm waiting for Wonder Woman, Ion and The Flash. Everything's interesting because we don't know exactly what's transpired over this last year and the approach to the characters are fresh. The best thing you could do is to just browse through a few books the next time you're in your local store. You can get some hints, but you won't fully know until you check it out.

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