Penn and Teller Bull****!


Apr 13, 2006
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has anyone seen this show on showtime? it seems to me that they just ignore a lot of facts and possibilities when they do this "science", this mostly showed in the Cryptozoology episode, where they just blatantly said, with no evidence, that theyre right and everyone else is wrong. they really are jackasses
They do come off that way sometimes. There's just as much evidence that disproves cryptozoology as there does that proves it. As in, very little.
Is that one guy a mute or what? I've always been wondering about that.
No, it's just that when he's "on" being Teller he doesn't talk. He did an A&E or Discovery channel show about magic tricks and such and he talked up a storm about card tricks and slight of hand.
In fact he has compulsive habit of doing card tricks. he always carries around a deck with him and just does card shuffling stuff.
I admit that the Cryptozoology wasn't that good, but as a fan who has followed the show since day one, they do have a lot of facts on their show. It's probebly the one show with the most research. That doesn't mean they're balanced. I suggest you look at season 2. that had some of the best episodes.Including the PETA. that one is mind-blowing

We're biased as all f**k, but we never ever lie to you.
I saw that 1. Thats scary to think PETA blatantly supports arsonists.
I wish I still had Showtime. I'm STILL waiting for the season 3 DVD to finally come out!:mad:
I love this show. They are blatantly biased and they have no problem letting you know, as the Ghoul pointed out, but it's f**king hilarious. Plus my sense of humor is still juvenile enough to enjoy profanity.:D
I love the show. I don't agree with all of their opinions, but I agree with most of them.
I love how they take what are in effect throw away subject matter such as manners, hair care, genetic alteration of food, wildlife protection and actually find a point of discussion. It's amazing how you can find so many adverse effects of things many consider mundane, such as the handicapped woman who bought a plot of land to build a home but was not informed that the area was protected b/c of a few endangered birds on the lot, even though Wal_Mart was allowed to build a huge Supercenter a few blocks away. WHEW! That was one hell of a run-on.
love the show....all shows like that are biased...atleast they're upfront about it.

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