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petition for Star Trek Smiley

Super Kal

Sep 8, 2004
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Hey everyone.

As I look at all the recent smilies, I can't help but fell that it's missing something... a Star Trek smiley.

Yeah, we got Batman smilies, Fantastic Four smilies, Spider-Man smilies, a Hulk smiley, a Star Wars smiley, even an Indiana Jones smiley... I think it's time that Star Trek got it's own smiley as well...

After all, it is a comic book franchise too, and since there is a new Star Trek movie coming out next year, I think it's only fair that Trek got a smiley as well, since TDK and Indy now have one.

this is the smiley that I propose that the mods add to our current smiley list (made by my friend Logan's Lady):

Thank you for your time and consideration.
We do need some Trek smilies. I support this cause. :up:
That's one awesome lookin' smiley!!

who drew it anyway............. :oldrazz:
(don't mind me, just proud of my little creation)

YES :up: add this to the smiley list :)
Note to mods - Make it so!

I really don't understand why people keep asking for/mods keep putting up smileys for movies/comics we don't even have forums for. Star Trek isn't even a comic book.
I think I'll pitch my tupenny worth in here.

Star Trek is not a comic. It is a TELEVISION SHOW that spawned a movie franchise, books, comics, games, dictionarys and make believe manuals for people that take it all too seriously.

This is called SUPERHERO hype, is it not?
Unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that every serving member of Starfleet is a superhero, rather than a soldier, scientist, or diplomat then I'll have to agree to the contrary.

Please, don't get me wrong, I love 'The Trek' as we call it in Grangetown, but I come to this site to think about other stuff.
I know it's only a smiley an' all but aren't there enough sites that carry such things?

By the way peace to Super Kal for helping me out recently and you made a reasonable request that should at least be considered, I just don't agree with it is all.:grin:
well, since it's the SuperHero Hype, then Star Wars and Indiana Jones should be taken off a well... but wait... they recently added a Boba Fett smiley and an Indiana Jones smiley...

it should only be fair that Trek get one as well.
You're right , dude. Here starts my petition to remove all non-comic book smileys from this site, who's with me?

lol then go start your own thread... this thread is the Star Trek Smiley thread

lol, well, originally it would be the one on the first post...
This belongs in the Technical Support forum.
I made a Star Trek smiley last night, but I left it home :(

Give me some time, I think it's pretty cool...
(made by my friend Logan's Lady):


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