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Phoenix: Did you like her explanation?

It worked, I mean ya can't exactly explain the Phoenix force and introduce the Shiar in the movie. I was satisfied with the explanation.

However, if Xavier was aware that she was such a powerful mutant, you'd think he'd have more that just the mental blocks he imposed on her; someone that can vaporize you into molecules with a thought cetainly would need daily therapy from Prof. X or a team of psychiatrists. What was Xavier's plan if he ever died? Who would protect the world from Jean's Phoenix side? Was he hoping that personality would remain repressed forever? Arguably, she's even more dangerous than Xavier who can "turn off" someone's mind.
I liked the whole Xavier supressing her powers bit, I think the actual Phoenix should be a result of possession like in the comics.
No I definitely didn't expect a space entity in this film, but the X2 explanation was better....her powers were evolving, and she was becoming corrupted by her new powers.

That's just not very realistic. Power corrupts, but only when subconscious desires (I think it's the "ego" part of our basic drive) take over. There has to be a REASON Jean decides to turn evil. She was a good woman in X-MEN and X2. Good people don't just TURN EVIL because they die and come back to life. :)

In X3, when Prof X was explaining it to Logan, it seemed kind of comical "She had two personalities....Jean Grey...and another personality which called itself Phoenix." I laughed a little, and someone let out a groan.

Well, you have to have a reason why "Jean went evil". It makes sense, in a large way.

According to you and your explanation, but you are hardly in a position to state whether or not your logic almost perfectly fits someone else's ideas (especially considering the explanation of their ideas has never been expressed).

Show me how it doesn't fit, and I'll retract my statement.

Afterall, you had to come up with your own metaphor for Cyclops representing power and the power that Phoenix could have.

I thought the scene with Cyclops firing into the lake made the meaning of it pretty clear. But then, "show, don't tell" doesn't always work so well, does it? :)

Who is to say that matches up to the writer's own ideas . . . or anyone elses for that matter. The fact that you had to come up with your own metaphors speaks otherwise to the fact that the explanation was resolute and clear

Does that make my explanation any less valid? Make it fit into both explanations (X-MEN and X2, and X3's take) any less?

There are over 100 posts concerning people's different reconciliations of Jean's explanation.

True. And they're all based on the same aspects. Evolution, and a split personality who couldn't control the power brought on by evolution. Which is what we see in the film.

"You have great power, Jean. The question is, will you control it? Or will you let it control you?"

If the explanation clearly works, then debate and questioning wouldn't be necessary. That is, if it was explained well enough and made understandable sense to everyone, shouldn't there be no debating it at all

If an explanation works well, there should be little confusion.

There shouldn't be much confusion. What, did you expect Xavier to bring up the machine? He wasn't there, or even conscious for that. How would he know?

Since the explanation given in X3 absolutely allows for the events of X3. Assuming most audiences even remembered or realized the impact Magneto's machine was supposed to have had on Jean.

If the movie's explanation worked so well there would be no need for you to write a page length post about how you are able to come up with your own explantation about what you thought the writers meant.

It's not what I thought they meant. It's what is clearly implied in the film. I made up how it connects to X-MEN and X2, but neither of those is negated by how her turn is explained in X3.

. . . which is why I don't think it works too well for anyone not overly familiar with the X-Men comics, or the Phoenix arc. This movie is made for people other than us fans, who are willing to debate bizarre issues endlessly. I think that if the explanation was well done, everyone should be able to grasp it and not have so many lingering questions and confusion as to how it works or what it meant.

Since the average movie fan doesn't care...and probably accepted the explanation at face value...
this is what they should of done in the beginning of x3. when prof.x calls jean down, she has a booklet w/ her. its hers. and draws and writes in it. prof. x asks her to see it, she says "sure' but in his mind, and floats it to him. and then thats when he tells her its rude to intrude in others' minds. he starts going through it and finds on page 8, blazes of fire. on page 13, he sees nothing but black and fire. on page 20, he sees a bird, nicely drawn. on page 26, its a bird on fire. and he asks her 'whats this, jean?" and she replies, "i don't know. but i have nightmares about it ". and she grins. which then leads into the whole cars hovering outside.

you could tell young jean was a little *****. she was showing signs of evil. she got what she deserved. little *****!!

as for x1, i think her using cerebro was step one. it gave her a big f u c k in' headache. and magneto's machine "might' have triggered a couple of walls to collapse. who knows? only phoenix does!

i'm listening to music right now. and its the chemical bros. i just thought, they should've used "hey boy, hey girl" for the final battle scene at alcat. when the x-men start stepping forward, the music starts "hey boy, hey girl" just a thought. i'm stoned. LOL! laters dude.
This whole thing about Prof X putting mental blocks on Jean was in the comics also, if you read the Bio for Phoenix on Marvel.com, It mentions about it, You can read about it right here. Theres this one little section in the paragraph that states this.
Professor Charles Xavier, who erected psychic shields in Jean’s mind to prevent her from using her telepathic powers until she was mature enough to control them.

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