Pittsburgh bar offering "******* Wednesdays" is boycotted by locals

The naming is obviously all kinds of jacked up, but...
The special nets you five Coronitas for $7 and 75-cent tacos.
I'd be there. :o
What about Frenchy Fridays?
I get the whole 'there are more important issues' to worry about thing, but have some goddam tact, man!! :whatever:

why not just change the special to Monday and call it "mexican mondays" :confused: it pisses me off even more that the dude would change the name to Mexican American Wednesdays cuz it just sounds stupid and it's obviously done so in spite . . .

his defense of 'we had white trash wednesday' is laughable . . . who fkn admits to being white trash anyway?? :down
come to think of it, nobody really admits to being a 'wet-back' either because they'd get deported but I digress :o
What about Frenchy Fridays?

and serve what, wine and fries?

that's pretty racial. i doubt it will last, but while it does... go get some tequila and tacos!
lol, I go to that bar every once in a while.
i didnt even know ******* was a racial slur. i just thought it was a nick name for bus boys.
I'm mexican and it doesn't really bug. It's wrong...but eh it just does not phase me.
I was always partial to white-bread Wednesdays..............
Hey now no making fun of the Burgh! I happen to be from that great city.

I want some taquitos
I can kind of see why Sienna Miller called Pittsburg what she did..............
Ha ha...wtf? What next, Mick Mondays, where you get a pint of guiness for a dollar?

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