PlanetSide 2 Whos in???

nice to see some ones interested in this.

SOE shows off new PlanetSide 2 Esamir video

(2 days ago)
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Yesterday we took you on a textual tour of PlanetSide 2's new Esamir continent. Today Sony Online Entertainment has released a new video so that you can actually see it for yourself. Beginning this weekend, the new landmass will be accessible to everyone via the game's external beta.

SOE says that Esamir "shield generators won't be disabled as easily, so expect to run an overload process to secure victory." There are also new vehicle and weapon certifications available, as well as new empire-specific sidegrades.

Check out the clip after the cut to get up to speed.

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I would totally be in for this if I wasn't already playing GW2.
Planetside 2 Command Center brings a beta update and spotlight on Heavy Assaulters

(48 minutes ago)
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Creative Director Matthew Higby and Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac are back with the sixth episode of PlanetSide 2 Command Center, everyone's favorite show about the adventures of a wacky MMO. On tap for this episode is an update on the beta, the reveal of Esamir, a video featuring the Heavy Assault class, some fan movies, an interview with a concept artist, news about SOE Live, and... fan spam.

Higby says that the team just did a full wipe in the beta due to the sheer amount of changes and improvements that SOE made. He also said that the population cap has been increased for this next step.

Isaac invites SOE Live attendees to participate in the $10,000 PlanetSide 2 tournament. While online registrations for it are closed, players can sign up in person at the event.

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PlanetSide 2 release date to be announced this Thursday

(4 hours ago)
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Sci-fi MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 has impressed beta testers with the sheer scale of the game's warzones and its rewarding cooperative gameplay, but there are still a few problems to iron out before launch. In this week's State of the Game development update, SOE announced the main areas developers are currently working on and promised to give the game a final release date this week. The release date announcement is scheduled during the SOE Live keynote at 10 p.m. EDT (7 p.m. PDT) on Thursday, October 18th.

SOE has promised to have PlanetSide 2 out in 2012, and that leaves some fans skeptical as to whether the beta is far enough along to be released in the next few months. Developers are pressing ahead with plans to fix the performance issues some players are having, and the studio aims to release with a complex metagame involving three continents. Remaining development time will be spent on issues ranging from weapon balance to a tutorial that gets players into the action as quickly as possible.

SOE Live 2012: PlanetSide 2 launching November 20th, 2012

(3 hours ago)
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Already alerted to the fact that tonight would be the night, PlanetSide 2 fans have been waiting with bated breath for the official launch date announcement at SOE Live. And now, the magic words have been uttered: PS2 will go live on November 20th, 2012. The beta, which began in July, is held up by devs as a real and honest beta in which systems are tested, rather than a soft launch. But some players wondered whether it'd be finished in time.

During a press conference before the announcement, Creative Director Matt Higby addressed this concern by reminding players that an MMO will never be "finished" as in completed or done. As he put it, the game is "not finished because it's finished; it's finished when it's at a level [SOE] think it should be." He further outlined the state of beta now, saying that the development team has turned the corner, moving from just implementing mechanics that were planned to reacting to beta players' feedback to improve and adjust the game. He emphasized, "Now we know what works better and what doesn't."

Stay tuned as Massively brings you more details about PS2's beta, launch, and upcoming plans.

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, at least where SOE Live is concerned! Massively sent intrepid reporters MJ Guthrie and Karen Bryan to this year's SOE Live, from which they'll be transmitting all the best fan news on PlanetSide 2, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, and the other MMOs on SOE's world-class roster.
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I've been waiting since I played the first PS for about a year around 08 when my old guild died (Worked well as a team, it was a real shame). Funny enough, I hate FPS but I really, really like this one when my friend got me into this. Anyone have a spare key I can try out?
Love this...

that video is not showing

New PlanetSide 2 video features Terran Republic's Black Widow Company

(1 hour ago)
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If you've got an outfit that's gearing up for war in PlanetSide 2, you might as well try to get yourselves featured on one of Sony Online Entertainment's press videos. The latest such boasts one Black Widow Company, a Terran Republic guild that's taking the fight to the New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovereignty on the front lines of Auraxis' neverending war.

PlanetSide 2 launches on November 20th, and SOE intends it to bring massive sci-fi combat back to MMOs on a scale not seen since the original PlanetSide launched in 2003.

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PlanetSide 2 Command Center airs its last episode before launch

(48 minutes ago)
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Can you believe that PlanetSide 2 is launching next week? It seems like just yesterday it was only a beautiful idea in the minds of many fans. Games grow up so fast. But even with the impending November 20th launch, there are still a few days until the game goes live, and that's why Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac have returned to sit in front of the camera in the final pre-launch episode of the PlanetSide 2 Command Center.

The episode kicks off with an update on the pace of the beta, with Higby explaining how the data from the latest round of beta has been applied to map balance and mechanics as well as bug fixes. There's also a chat with several developers, a look at the music of the game, a recap of this year's SOE Live event, and of course a glance at fan mail and the best fan YouTube videos. Take a look at the full episode past the cut for all sorts of nuggets to chew on before the game's launch next week.

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PlanetSide 2's launch trailer is packed with firepower

(7 hours ago)
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You've prepared for this moment, PlanetSide 2 fans, and now the moment is here. From the ground and the air and in vehicles and on foot, battle is about to begin on a massive scale. Are you ready to jump in and fight for your faction's rightful control of the land? Or maybe just die a whole bunch? Oh, you're stuck at work like a regular person. Well then, how about a video?

In honor of its new MMOFPS title's launch, Sony Online Entertainment has released an action-packed new trailer, chock-full of combat and explosions. Experience all the firepower in the video ofter the break, and then, if you just can't get enough PlanetSide 2, check out our launch day roundup and watch Massively cover the game tonight via livestream at 6:00 p.m. EST on our Twitch channel.

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Matt Higby talks testing weapons, server restrictions, and more in PlanetSide 2 interview

(5 hours ago)
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For anyone who hadn't noticed, a little game called PlanetSide 2 launched one week ago today. OK, it isn't really little at all; folks who log in to the new MMOFPS enter a massive world with battles taking place all over the map. In a recent video interview, Creative Director Matt Higby discussed a few features players might have missed in their battle frenzy as well as some upcoming ones they can expect.

Introduced at launch, one feature Higby highlighted is the ability to test weapons out in the field before committing their hard-earned certs to a purchase, so "buyer's remorse won't necessarily be as prominent." Every eight hours, players can grab a weapon (for free) and run around with it for 30 minutes. Players can do this three times a day but must use a different weapon each time; the cool-down timer for testing a weapon a second time is 30 days. And soon, players can also expect a more detailed preview window when perusing weapon with information on how the weapon behaves and what attachments can be used on it.

Higby goes on to reveal that the one empire per server restriction will be lifted and highlights the upcoming ability to switch servers and rename characters. Folks waiting for the ability to switch factions, however, are out of luck. Get all the details -- plus some in-game footage -- in the video after the break. Continue Reading

PlanetSide 2 PSA: Sunderers are stalemate breakers


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at 10:37pm November 27 2012


The Sunderer is PlanetSide 2′s school bus of war. It seats 12, and with the investment of certification points, you can pimp it out to your purposes—increasing its ability to climb hills, or adding a grenade launcher, protection against mines, or radar augmentations. One upgrade worth calling attention to, though, is the Gate Shield Diffuser. It has a way of snapping the ugly stand-offs where two teams are fighting on opposite sides of an impassable shield—a stalemate we’ve seen emerge again and again at Tech Planet facilities in PS2′s first week.

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Zenith16 how you enjoying PlanetSide 2? You on a west coast server I presume?
lol I'm on the east coast son, ( just have flexible schedule at times with work ) and I've actually been playing from a buddy's account he's on that game more then me. the games cool and I love that Sunderer among other thing. it seems I'm more a Vanu sovereignty infiltrator type.

but I have lot of games on my list and some back logged so I'm not sure when i'll have the time to fully commit to this. especially now that signed up for the marvel heroes MMO.

more info

SOE teases gargantuan fleet carriers for PlanetSide 2


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at 10:43pm November 29 2012
PlanetSide 2′s vehicles keep its war churning. Sunderers shuttle troops quickly and efficiently to the frontlines. The C-130-esque Galaxy transport serves as the primary mode of aerial insertion for all three factions, but like the Watchmen, who transports the transports? Best sit down for the next part: In a tweet fired off today, SOE President John Smedley posted a conceptual mockup of an absolutely gigantic Terran Republic fleet carrier looking like a cross between a Star Destroyer and a shoebox, hinting of a possible future emergence of mobile vehicle platforms in the super-scaled MMOFPS.

source: pc gamer
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This game's learning curve is a sheer ****ing cliff. It's fun and all, but they literally just hand you a gun and kick you out of a plane leaving you to figure out what to do next.
This game's learning curve is a sheer ****ing cliff. It's fun and all, but they literally just hand you a gun and kick you out of a plane leaving you to figure out what to do next.

That's kinda what has been missing from video gaming for a long time used to have to figure everything out instead of most of the games now a days where you get your hand held every second. PS2 is just old school that way.

I know some kiddes can't figure out how to take a %$#@ unless someone tells them.

Saw the carrier Zenith....nice.. I' NC on Matherson...

How to outfit your air-to-ground fighter in PlanetSide 2


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T.J. Hafer at 09:09pm December 3 2012


If you’re looking to rack up some easy certs and EXP in PlanetSide 2, there are few more heroic ways to do than raining rockets down from your ESF (Empire-specific fighter) upon enemy Sunderers, tanks, and other wheeled/treaded bad guys. This video from Unit Lost will show you how to best kit out your aircraft for harassing ground assets that are different colors than you. It’s shot from a TR perspective, so the weapon names will be a little different for the other factions, but the equipment suggestions overlap if you’re flying a Scythe or a Reaver.

First batch of new PlanetSide 2 weapons on the market tomorrow


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at 07:17pm December 5 2012
PlanetSide 2 already has enough purchasable gear to run you over $300 per faction. But those of you who just can’t get enough guns, or haven’t really found one that suits your trigger finger yet, you’re in luck. SOE president John Smedley has revealed on his Twitter account that we’ll be seeing some shiny, new military hardware go on sale tomorrow.

source: pc gamer

it points to a guide in the youtube video as well.
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This game's learning curve is a sheer ****ing cliff. It's fun and all, but they literally just hand you a gun and kick you out of a plane leaving you to figure out what to do next.
well this is a bit late of them.

PlanetSide 2′s future to be decided by players in January, in-game tutorial due by February


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at 04:00pm December 14 2012
When SOE president John Smedley spoke to PC Gamer a year ago, he mentioned PlanetSide 2 would have a three year plan, to be revealed post-release. We got a chance to chat to the mighty fellow last night (the full transcript will follow later today) and ask him where this plan had got to.
“That’ll be shared in early January,” says Smedley. “What we’re going to be doing is sharing it in six-month increments and – just like we did before release – we’re going to be really listening to the players. We changed our entire subscription model based on their feedback – we put it out there, we wanted people to comment on it, and we changed it. We’ve changed so much about the game based on player feedback, so we’re definitely going to do the same thing with our six month plans.”

source: pc gamer
Keeping this thread going just to tell people you need to try Planetside 2!!
PlanetSide 2 update brings lattice system to Esamir

(1 hour ago)
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PlanetSide 2's Game Update 13 is now live, and with it comes a major overhaul to the way battles play out on the icy continent of Esamir. The lattice system, added in Update 9 to help direct the flow of battles and make it easier for players to strategize where and when to attack or defend, is now active on the continent's snowy tundras. Esamir's facilities have been enhanced and modified accordingly.

Sony Online Entertainment's latest PS2 update also includes new premium weapons, Vanu weapon audio changes, a respawn screen chatbox and additions to the game's tutorial. Full patch notes from creative director Matt Higby cover the details. Implants, once planned for GU13, didn't make the cut.

[Source: SOE press release]
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Planetside 2: boots on the ground for PS4 in early 2014

(2 hours ago)

Sony Online Entertainment head honcho John Smedley says his studio's free-to-play MMO shooter, Planetside 2, is coming to PS4 "early next year." Jump to the 1:10 mark in the Bloomberg video interview for Smedley's comments on porting DC Universe, which is due on PS4 in November, and Planetside 2.

Planetside 2, which launched on the PC nearly a year ago, won't support cross-platform play on either platform. Sony confirmed neither game would require a PS Plus membership to play.

Earlier today, Sony issued the launch day lineup of retail and downloadable games for the PS4, which is set to make its debut in the US on November 15. The games list was accompanied by a massive FAQ on the PS4, which included more than a few revelations - like the inability to publish videos on YouTube at launch.

PlanetSide 2: Headed to Korea Sony Online Entertainment and Daum Communications have entered into a strategic publication partnership to bring PlanetSide 2 to Korea in the near future. SOE and Daum will showcase PS2 during G-Star 2013 from November 1 ... Read more...
from some time back this year.



PlanetSide 2 is about to hit the PS4, so Jose catches up with creative director Matthew Higby and senior

and more recently

Here's the sixth episode of PlanetSide 2's war correspondent video series

(20 hours ago)
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Have you watched SOE's latest war correspondent video for PlanetSide 2? If not, you'll want to click past the cut for a look-see at some heart-thumping MMOFPS gameplay presented in a news documentary format.

Cinematic designer Robert Stoneman narrates the action which includes footage of The Crown and a handful of PS2's 36,000 player outfits.Continue Reading

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