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Play as Batman in wrestling games


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Dec 28, 2006
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First off, I'm not a WWE fan at all. but I do like creating the character to look like Batman and give him kung fu moves and just start a wreck fest. I had one game where you could actually give the character Batman ears. But I have yet to see a game that gives you capes. But it is fun none the less, you can also create Jokers. Does anyone else do this? it's much better than the other Batman games imo.
My brother is really good at creating "CAWs" on the Smackdown vs. Raw games and he has actually created some decent looking Daredevils, Batmans and Spider-Mans in each of the series. Hell, in one of the games..you can have the entrance set of a wrestler to drop down from a web.

It's fun but I would hardly say it's better than the other Batman games. Give me Nolan's vision of a gritty gotham as a game over Batman vs. Joker in a WWE ring any day.
I used to do that woth my CAW's... Um... Yeah that is all.
i made a pretty cool joker in svr2008

couldn't make a white face but everything else looks badass
I did a great Joker (Skin didn't seem too white, just too pale) and a kickass Catwoman, the game isn't mine, is from my brother
It's cool to create Batman characters onto WWE games but I would prefer that we get a good Batman game using Nolan's vision. I'd also like to be able to play as the Joker for once in a Batman game.

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