Oct 2, 2005
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I've been getting into podcasts lately to listen to on my commute to work and back. Some of the ones I listen to are

Yeah, It's That Bad
RebelForce Radio
How Did This Get Made?

and I'm sure there are some others I'm forgetting. I've browsed this site for more podcasts to listen to (http://www.podcastawards.com/) but was looking for some more.

What are some podcasts that you guys listen to and enjoy?
The SchmoesKnow Podcast is the only one I listen to. It was awesome that they broke the trailer description for The Wolverine the other night.
WTF with Marc Maron
You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin
Comedy Bang Bang
How Did This Get Made
The Flophouse
The Motion Captured Podcast
Judge John Hodgman
Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast
The Nerdist
Penn's Sunday School
Professor Blastoff

I am a Podcast junkie.
The Joe Rogan Experience (depends who the guest is)
The Nerdist (also depends on the guest)
Giant Bombcast (video game centric)
Up Yours, Downstairs! (Downton Abbey)
The Watching Dead
Breaking Good
Mad Men Happy Hour
RebelForce Radio
Film Junk
Tell 'em Steve-Dave (the Comic Book Men guys)
Cheap Popcast (wrasslin')
Laser Time (mainly focuses on pop culture from the late 80s and early 90s)
MBMBaM (hilarious advice show)
Mysterious Universe (paranormal and other strangeness)
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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll check those out. I listen to smodcast occasionally, but I'm still getting a feel for it. Not sure if I'll subscribe or not yet.
Views fom the Longbox
Bailey's Batman Podcast
Two True Freaks
Geek Out Loud
Joel Osteen
Buck Sexton and The Blaze radio (political shows)
Rebel Force Radio like everybody else
The Forcecast

All these sites have guests and affilliated podcasts that you can go nuts on.
Pretty much ANYTHING that's on Kevin Smith's site, Smodco.com. Just a few:

Smodcast - Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier - VERY funny and they often go on improvised story tangets
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes - document's Mewes' life and battles with addiction. Funny and poignant.
Tell Em Steve Dave - two of Comic Book Men guys and friends - Winner of comedy podcasts - it's pretty much Comic Book Men with no censor.
Fatman on Batman - Kevin Smith and Batman-related guests (ie: Kevin Conroy, Tim Drake, etc)
Having Sex, With Katie Morgan - porn star Katie Morgan and guests. Nuff Said.
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Thanks guys, I'm making my way through your suggestions now.
Huge podcast ****e here. In my humble opinion the all-time raddest are:

Comedy Bang Bang!
Professor Blastoff
The Fogelenest Files
How Did This Get Made?
Who Charted?
By the Way, In Conversation /w Jeff Garlin
Doug Loves Movies
The Film Vault
The Todd Glass Show
You Made It Weird
Hollywood Babble On
Tell Em Steve Dave
Jay & Silent Bob Get Old
The Pod F Tompkast
The Dead Authors Podcasr
Thrilling Adventure Hour
Mega64 Podcast
The Kevin & Bean Show
Call Chelsea Peretti
Thanks for the suggestions Spuzz!
NPR: Intelligence Squared
NPR: It's All Politics
Slate's Political Gabfest
KCRW: Left, Right & Center
Radio Drama Revival
Valentin & The Widow
Black Tribbles
Escape Pod
Lightspeed Magazine
Protecting Project Pulp
PBS Newshour

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