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Project A119: The U.S. Plan To Blow Up The Moon

Famous novelist Mark Twain once observed that “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Once again Twain’s assertion is proven correct.
Best thing about that article
So that explains how "Space: 1999" happened.

Nice to know Carl Sagan was the brains of that outfit.
Humanity at it's finest. :facepalm:
I like the reasoning behind it, basically to scare the Soviets. We were Dr. Evil before there was a Dr. Evil.
Misleading title....the plan was to DETONATE A NUKE ON TH MOON'S SURFACE.....that's pretty different than Blowing up the moon.
Couldn't they just send a film strip of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and be like "Yo, remember."
And what if they did it and that's why they havent gone back to the moon? *insert dramatic, suspenseful music here*
I've heard of this before. It's always amusing.
They should've revisited this idea when Lex Luthor was president in the DC Universe.
The moon would of looked similar to this

Reminds me of that guy who punched the moon in 'Scott Pilgrim'
They did in the Time Machine remake and it didn't end well.
Screw the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Moon Crisis was way better.
And then with that aliens invaded, we landed in some ID4 ****, and then they were defeated by the common cold. Take that for humanity triumphs, achoo!

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